Write From The Heart

"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."

Sequence Pt. 1- Initial Sketches


Here are the initial sketches for the blank book. My plan for this is to create an auto-biography of sorts with juxtaposed hand-drawn figures on top of collaged or otherwise digitally edited backdrops, scenery complimented with poetry. The order of the narrative is chronological, with the title of each poem representing my respective age portrayed in the words and image. I also wanted to highlight a thematic shift as well as a narrative and visual one as well- while my persona ages. obviously meaning the body type and content of each poem change to suit the age, I want the theme of the poems, and in conjunction the content of the imagery, to change as well. From early years to middle school I want to focus on solely conveying emotions, since concrete events are fuzzy at that point in time. From late middle school up to sophomore year, the focus is on anxiety and epiphanies. Finally, the last few years are completely based on psychological reflection- thinking back on my worries of the past and recovery from them.

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