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Visual Studies Seminar Post #1: Entrepreneurship and Grit


Part 1: The Artist and the Entrepreneur

  1. What are the main points of each article?
    • Both articles focused on comparing artists to entrepreneurs, but the FORTUNE article discussed qualities artists had that entrepreneurs could use in their business model while the HuffPost article highlights the business decisions both artists and entrepreneurs make to survive in the market. The FORTUNE article’s main point is that entrepreneurs can and should base their business in artistic qualities and the HuffPost article’s main point is that artists should follow the business model entrepreneurs make due to the professions’ striking similarities and passions.
  2. What can artists learn from their “entrepreneurial cousins”?
    • Artists can take away a refined work ethic and business model from entrepreneurship. Both professions are built on selling to the public a creative work made by a creator and both require strenuous work to continue selling their products. As such, artists that fall into a trap of creating work for passion but never selling well could learn from entrepreneurs that put their magnum opus aside for a little while to bolster their name, so their life’s dream product can be better advertised to more willing buyers.
  3. Do you agree that artists are entrepreneurs? Why?
    • I do to an extent. While they’re not entrepreneurs in the technical sense, since many artists either make work for private means or as direct commissioning, most artists we do know of sell their talents in the form of a product- which I would define as entrepreneurship.
  4. Which of the 12 characteristics of artists do you agree with?
    • I agree that artists seek new meaning in art, artists are all children at heart, artists contextualize new information for inspiration, artists work wonders under extreme conditions, artists live for their work, and finally that artists see the world for what it could possibly be. I believe artists’ creativity allows them to often answer questions in a unique manner and also to see solutions nobody could’ve thought of. Alongside gifts of creativity and problem solving, I believe artists love to extend their ideas onto a physical medium and to inspire others.
  5. What others would you add to the list?
    • I would probably add “Artists enjoy sharing their ideas to others,” “Artists find solace in their work,” and “Artists want to leave an impact on others.”
  6. Additional thoughts:
    • I do believe that artists should base their work around entrepreneurship. After doing mentorship work under a professional script writer in my hometown, I truly did learn the importance of making connections in the art field to be able to market one’s work, to find helpful resources, and to earn places in career-boosting shows.

Part 2: Grit and Perseverance

  1. Do you have grit, or is this something you need to work on?
    • On the grit test, I scored 3.63 out of 5 as my level of grit. A simple test can tell me I have more perseverance than 60% of the US population, but for me, I feel like I could do much better. I have shown grit in the past, having completed an entire comic book draft complete with an original story, character sheets, and multiple story outlines and scripts scaling at 40 pages all while juggling high school AP level homework. But, it took me actively deciding I would take a class to allow me to make that project a reality that I even considered beginning making my middle school comic idea into a physical book. I want to be able to become more determined in my work and continue to show perseverance during rough times, since many occasions I just want to drop the topic or move on before getting too invested. I think I have what it takes to become grittier, but those annoying thoughts of “It’d be easier if you just didn’t try,” haunt me. I need to work on ignoring those thoughts when I want to stop working on something.
  2. List a couple of things you could do to increase your grit.
    1. Telling myself I should continue a tough project or personal work.
    2. Working on lowering my procrastination.
    3. Joining more activity-based clubs around campus.
    4. Practice my artistic skills every day.

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