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"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."

Gestalt – The Modern Age and Nature


As humanity developed beyond the age of agriculture into the Industrial Revolution, most of the forests of the past have been torn down to pave the way for technological advances. Machines, buildings, and electronics have displaced most of natural life. However, the two can coexist and converge away from the hub of society and from the furthest depths of unexplored foliage. In a world where we live in suburbia, only a few blocks away from the massive urban center of Austin, small stores, buildings, and houses are surrounded by intertwining plants and an always blue sky.

People can be more appreciative of the marvels of our world and of our technological innovation in tandem, seeing the smaller miracles of life. The intricacies we pass by everyday on the street seem all the more amazing when we focus on them, seeing how the two worlds come together in such a simplistic harmony. Something as simple as flowers on a street to a whole ecosystem built around a sidewalk represent this merging of both the natural and the artificial. Vines and trees can cascade throughout whole buildings, showing the extent of nature’s power, artistic displays framed by grass accentuate humanity’s relationship to the Earth, graffiti in a tucked away corner of outskirts shows the tenacity of humans amidst nature, these explore the concept of the modern age of technology and Mother Nature itself together to create a symbiotic world.

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