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Visual Studies Seminar Post #3: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors and Its Revolutionary Take on Visual Novels


When the worlds of literature and interactive gaming combine, they form the new and innovative method to traditional storytelling; the visual novel genre. Popularized by Japan, visual novels are video games that typically focuses on blocks of text, which create a narrative, for players to read and accompanying pictures of a setting, the characters within […]

Gestalt Pt. 3- Power Dynamics and Retreading Old Waters


For this set of pictures, I wanted to focus on taking pictures that made a more dynamic, exciting composition via angles. But, upon evaluating my shots more, I liked the way I could simulate a feeling of superiority and power through framing the image from worm’s-eye-view. Generally, a worm’s-eye-view perspective makes the viewer feel small […]

Visual Studies Seminar Post #2: How I Spent My Week and My Original Comic


Part 1: The Time Tracker Time Tracker_-1uig7p2 As the time tracker shows, my week was generally pretty tame. I spend a lot of my free time either winding down from a stressful day or completing assignments for my classes, and my eating and sleeping schedule is relatively regulated. If I would comment on anything, I’d […]

Gestalt Pt. 2- Centrality


We as humans like to see the world a certain way and enjoy when small occurrences we pass by follow the aesthetic preferences our brains crave. As such, I wanted to focus my new pictures for Phase 2 on our desire to see framing and objects pulled to a specific center. Though this principle by […]

Visual Studies Seminar Post #1: Entrepreneurship and Grit


Part 1: The Artist and the Entrepreneur What are the main points of each article? Both articles focused on comparing artists to entrepreneurs, but the FORTUNE article discussed qualities artists had that entrepreneurs could use in their business model while the HuffPost article highlights the business decisions both artists and entrepreneurs make to survive in […]

Gestalt – The Modern Age and Nature


As humanity developed beyond the age of agriculture into the Industrial Revolution, most of the forests of the past have been torn down to pave the way for technological advances. Machines, buildings, and electronics have displaced most of natural life. However, the two can coexist and converge away from the hub of society and from […]

Reflection on Creativity, the Conceptual Age, and Video Game Theory


Every artist, of all calibers and specializations, comes face to face with a clear, but complicated problem to solve throughout their careers: What do you wish to do with your work and how do you create? It’s harder than every math test and more difficult to answer than an essay prompt. Practically no school of […]

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