I can tweet professionally?

One of the most exciting things about social media, is that it is now a career for many marketing professionals. 93% of marketers are now using social media as part of a greater marketing strategy. Social media used to just be used for fun, we were able to re-connect with old high school friends, stalk celebrities, and engage in political rants online. These “fun” uses of social media are just as present now as they were in the beginning of social media, but it has become so much more than just that. The social media job titles are endless, and so are the career opportunities.

  • Content Strategist
  • Digital Communications Professional
  • Digital Content Manager
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Digital Media Supervisor
  • Director of Community
  • Director, Communications Planning
  • Director, Online Communications
  • Director, Social Marketing and Brand Communications
  • Director, Social Media Marketing
  • Director of Social Media
  • Director of Social Media Communications
  • Director, Social Media Relations
  • Director of Social Media Strategy
  • Engagement Coordinator
  • Engagement Manager
  • Interactive Media Associate
  • Interactive Media Coordinator
  • Interactive Media Manager
  • Internet Marketing Coordinator
  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • Manager Digital and Social Media
  • Manager, Social Media
  • Multi-Media Communications Specialist
  • Online Content Coordinator
  • Social Media Account Executive
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Social Media Associate
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Designer
  • Social Media Editor
  • Social Media Marketing Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Social Media Strategist

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and linkedIn used to be for personal use, and we all used them. To be able to now apply the skills we learned and integrate them into a marketing communications strategy seems like a dream come true. It is no secret how significant social platforms are for all companies. Majority of people are on some kind of social media platform, so no matter who the target audience is, the chances of being able to reach them through the top platforms are extremely high. Employers see this importance, but many are unsure of exactly how to implement the changes to keep up with the times. This is where the social media savvy graduates come in. People who are fresh out of college could not be more ideal for this type of position if they tried. Social media is second nature to us, we were here when it began, we jumped on the band wagon, and now we can’t imagine life with out it. We understand the type of rhetoric required, we are aware of the top demographics present, and we LOVE it.

Marketing strategies are changing, and this is the path they are turning to. Social media is now for fun, and for business. I am very excited to be a part of this movement, because this is just one more way that social media is changing relationships, one site at a time.