I can tweet professionally?

One of the most exciting things about social media, is that it is now a career for many marketing professionals. 93% of marketers are now using social media as part of a greater marketing strategy. Social media used to just be used for fun, we were able to re-connect with old high school friends, stalk celebrities, and engage in political rants online. These “fun” uses of social media are just as present now as they were in the beginning of social media, but it has become so much more than just that. The social media job titles are endless, and so are the career opportunities.

  • Content Strategist
  • Digital Communications Professional
  • Digital Content Manager
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Digital Media Supervisor
  • Director of Community
  • Director, Communications Planning
  • Director, Online Communications
  • Director, Social Marketing and Brand Communications
  • Director, Social Media Marketing
  • Director of Social Media
  • Director of Social Media Communications
  • Director, Social Media Relations
  • Director of Social Media Strategy
  • Engagement Coordinator
  • Engagement Manager
  • Interactive Media Associate
  • Interactive Media Coordinator
  • Interactive Media Manager
  • Internet Marketing Coordinator
  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • Manager Digital and Social Media
  • Manager, Social Media
  • Multi-Media Communications Specialist
  • Online Content Coordinator
  • Social Media Account Executive
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Social Media Associate
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Designer
  • Social Media Editor
  • Social Media Marketing Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Social Media Strategist

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and linkedIn used to be for personal use, and we all used them. To be able to now apply the skills we learned and integrate them into a marketing communications strategy seems like a dream come true. It is no secret how significant social platforms are for all companies. Majority of people are on some kind of social media platform, so no matter who the target audience is, the chances of being able to reach them through the top platforms are extremely high. Employers see this importance, but many are unsure of exactly how to implement the changes to keep up with the times. This is where the social media savvy graduates come in. People who are fresh out of college could not be more ideal for this type of position if they tried. Social media is second nature to us, we were here when it began, we jumped on the band wagon, and now we can’t imagine life with out it. We understand the type of rhetoric required, we are aware of the top demographics present, and we LOVE it.

Marketing strategies are changing, and this is the path they are turning to. Social media is now for fun, and for business. I am very excited to be a part of this movement, because this is just one more way that social media is changing relationships, one site at a time.

Boston Bombing- Social Media’s Significant Impact

Boston Bombing- Social Media

Social media is fun, and also professional. it is used for networking, and staying in touch with friends, but now, during a time when the nation is in devastation more often than we could ever imagine, social media is turing into a tool for offering support, and getting the latest news.

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Praying for BostonChristian Beadles
Boston Marathon Bombing: Rush to Break News Burns CNN, Fox News j.mp/15gy2EqHollywood Reporter
The Boston Bombing is an incredible example of how Twitter kept us all connected and within seconds, millions were aware of what was happening and offering help to the people who were impacted by the explosion. The race was on for all news outlets to break the story, the real story.
BREAKING NEWS: Boston Marathon terror bombing suspect has been arrested.The Boston Globe
Here we are several days after the initial attack and the good news has been released, but this was not until after the social media flurry of updates began. 
Boston Marathon Bombings – Clear footagegloballeaks
WARNING: This video may be graphic for some viewers.
 With the digital age, it is no surprise that the actual explosion was caught on tape. Videos and pictures from the tragedy were actually used by police officers and government officials to square in on their suspects and have a clear account of what exactly happened. 
Boston Marathon: Running for LifeThe Boston Marathon of 2013 will go down in history as one of the most infamous events of this century. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers…
Many companies as well as news outlets put their spin on the bombing, sharing the news with the public.
One Marathon bombing suspect has been caught, and another is on the loose in Watertown after a firefight with police, officials said.The Boston Globe
Insane. They’re still looking for one of the bombing suspects. This is what Watertown, MA looks like right now. pic.twitter.com/RIa3IQAzqPRay William Johnson
As the search for the final suspect went underway, the updates started rolling in minute by minute, hour by hour, and Watertown was put on lockdown. 
One Marathon bombing suspect has been caught, and another is on the loose in Watertown after a firefight with police, officials said.The Boston Globe
Multiple witnesses report gunfire & booms in #Watertown, about 10 miles west of Boston, after officer dies at #MIT bbc.in/15kZL6TBBC Breaking News
CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.Boston Police Dept.
But the capture of the bomber did not end the social media coverage of this event, it spurred celebration, and support. 
#BostonStrong #Watertown #BostonsFinest pic.twitter.com/3A1coXbfqpHolly Treat
Thrilled for the people of #Boston. Time for me to finally turn off the news, pop in a classic Sherlock Holmes film and be proud of justice.Joe Riggs
Boston bombing was solved in more or less a week, when can we ever have justice that fast in our countryLuis Manzano
Just had this sent to me. Near Northeastern U. Celebrations. Crowd singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ @ABC30 #Watertown pic.twitter.com/P6kVMReO2aRick Montanez
Social media has turned into the go-to source of real time news, and without the publics efforts, turning in their images and videos, this man hunt may have taken much longer. 
Amazing effort from all the authorities ,law enforcement involved with bringing Boston some justice… instagram.com/p/YTsEcQCkpj/Tim Cahill
Just one more way social media is changing relationships one site at time. 

Strategy, Benefits, Statistics & Demographics

I have recently been researching social media usage at my internship. My assignment is to present them the fact, and propose 2-3 platform that would be beneficial to the company. They are a small business and are not currently using any social media. There is an abundance of social media information online, and after looking at all the research I have found I can’t seem to think of any reason a business wouldn’t be using social media. Here are the steps I took toward discovery the right route to take.

1) First think about communication type. Will you be using B2B, B2C, or both.

2) After you know how you will be talking to your audience, you need to find your specific target. Look at the demographics, age, gender, income, and education.


3) By now you should have a good sense of direction. You should have narrowed down you choices and now its time to measure the success of each. I did this by looking at where current marketers plan to increase their usage, or where they plan to decrease usage.




































These steps should make choosing a platform, or platforms much easier for any business. The next step is to create a social media strategy. This strategy is not a one stop marketing solution, it should be integrated into a larger marketing strategy. If you choose to create multiple platforms for the company, it is important to note that a unique message should be crafted for each individual platform as the target for each varies. I recently became Hootsuite certified through Hootsuite University, a program packed with advice, tips, and best practice for all social media marketers. If this is something that excites you, Hootsuite is a great way to gain social media education, and of course a certification.


Social media marketing strategies, just another way that social media is changing relationships one site at a time. 

Pictures without citation from The Social Media Examiner.

Online Dating, Avoiding Catfish

Social media is not only leading they way for business connections and strong professional relationships, it has also created a whirlwind of online relationships.  According to Erik Qualman, author of the popular and successful blog “Socialnomics,” social media is now the number 1 activity taking place online. Qualman states that 1 in 5 romantic relationships now begin online, and 3 in 5 gay couples meet online. The statistic may seem surprising, but when looking at the number of online dating sites now available, it all makes sense. By mid 2012, 40 million people had tried online dating, but it is hard to determine how many of the online dating pursuits are actually successful. It is assumed that men most commonly lie about height, age, and income, whereas women most commonly lie about weight, physical build, and age.

Online dating can be tricky, because many people use these platform to fabricate the truth and become the person they have alway wanted to be.With MTV’s hit new show Catfish, we are able to witness the real, positive and negative affects of romantic online relationships. We have all heard the horror stories that online dating can lead to, but the show also depicts beautiful love stories and genuine connections. Online dating can push people to look past physical attribrutes and really make you get the know someone for who they are on the inside.

There will always be risks with online dating, and there are plenty of tips all over the internet advising online daters how they can stay safe. With the growth of social media and technology combine, catfish have a harder time disguising themselves. Now the after meeting someone online, the next step is searching them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram immediately eliminating some of the skeletons in someones closet. Social media is developing growth in businesses, profits, communication, and relationships, online and offline across the board.

Online dating, just one more way social media is changing relationships one site at a time.


Using Twitter Strategically- For Individuals

In today’s world we always hear its not what you know, its who you know. With social media we all have an incredibly powerful tool at our fingertips, it allows networking to be done with ease. Although social media helps people connect, there is still strategy required no just for companies, but also for professional individuals. I am a new Twitter user this year. When deciding who to follow, I considered what I hoped to get back from using Twitter. I wanted to be able to surround myself with professionals pertaining to my major, public relations and advertising, but my list is also very heavily filled with social media experts. Once I created the list I began considering way I could build a following. It was important to me that the individuals I paid close attention to also began to notice me. That is when I came across the “notice me” strategy.

This technique is simple and affective, and is just how it sounds.

Step 1: Create a “Notice Me” list

Create a private list on your twitter with a hand full of individuals you would like to be noticed by, I began with 7. This list should full of experts and CEOs.

Step 2: Interaction

These people may seem intimidating, and you want to smoothly open up opportunities for communication. Begin by reply to their tweets, and re-tweeting post that you think are especially interesting and beneficial to your personal growth. You don’t want these people to ever know they are on your list, they should feel as if they stumbled upon you on their own.

Step 3: Patience

After steps one and two wait and see what happens! You may get follows through this strategy, or maybe just replies, re-tweets, or favorited posts either way this is a powerful way to build a strong, professional network.

I know from personal experience that this works! I gained several followers some from within my “notice me” list and other who saw value in the content I was replying to and re-tweeting. I am planning to follow up with my current “notice me” list, and also expand it. I think this is a great move to make for all individuals using their twitter for networking.

Just one more way social media is changing relationships one site at a time!

This blog was a summary of a blog post written by Alexis Grant.

The Death of Google Reader

The harsh reality that comes with an investment in any social media platform or tool, is the short life span many of them have. For Google Reader fans around the world, July 2013 will be a very, very sad day. Some believe this change is for the best because it was not well updated and other sites were taking the lead, none the less where do the Google Reader users go now?

While searching for my own, personal google reader alternative these are some of the platforms I found:

1) The Old Reader: “allows you to browse your daily dose of content with that very special bit shared by your friends, with notes and comments.”

2) NewsBlur: A more interactive approach, while still offer everything Google Reader has and much more!

3) Feedly: Compatible with all your devices, “The better way to organize, read and share the content of your favorite sites.”

4) NetVibes: A dashboard effetely organizing your chosen stream of news and information.

5) Pulse: “Choose from your favorite topics and interests, and customize your Pulse with unique pages and sources. Read your favorite blogs, newspapers, magazines, and more.”


Good news for morning Google Reader fans is that the list does not end here. There are multiple sites greatly anticipating your transfer this July. Social media does not only offer a service where relationships can be built, and connections can be made, but we also create a relationship with the social media site itself. So readers, the choice is yours, which site will you be starting a new relationship with this summer?

Happy Searching!

SXSW Social Media Trends 2013

It is hard to believe that SXSW is right around the corner. Every year masses flock to Austin Texas to see the films, hear the music, and learn about the hot startups. As a student in Austin Texas, SXSW is an incredible; lets not forget fun, opportunity and experience. With events all over town the question is not what to go to, it is how many events can be attended in one day. The optimization of social media during SXSW is fascinating to watch. When you have an event full of social media experts, tech geniuses, and celebrities galore the world of social media explodes. Twitter is the key to the parties, the map to secret shows, the foundation for connections, and the platform of reporting.


People from all over the world will join together in Austin to share ideas, and build networks. With such a prominent festival, in such a beautiful city, it is no wonder why so many young professionals are keen to make Austin, Texas their new home. I believe that this city has never been more ready for SXSW and all of the success it will bring.


With that said, come on down, we are ready for y’all.

Google is The New Resume

Anybody can walk into a job interview with a fresh haircut, and new suit, and a sparkling resume, but what are they hiding? It is almost a guarantee, due to the advances in social media, that employers “Google” their candidate before making their ultimate decision. Social media sites are the ultimate archives for the skeletons in your closet, but it isn’t all bad. Social media should not only be used as a tool for employers, everybody should be taking advantage of the leverage it offers. If Google is the new resume, then it is time to clean up that web presence and get cracking on personal branding.

Google yourself, are you impressed with what you found? Nobody will ever have complete control of what ends up online, but there are precautions that can be taken to put the odds in your favor. The best way to get rid of information online is to bury it. If your current content is not professional, poorly written, or just not a good representation of who you are, create new content online burying the old posts. If you are using social media, consider having a personal account and a professional account. Privacy settings can protect your personal life, but it is still important to keep your online presence clean- keep it PG. Rather than trying to hide your social media accounts, it is key to use them to your advantage. Having no online presence is just as bad as having a poor online presence.

A resume is only a page long, so this is your chance to further promote yourself. Consider sharing blog posts on your social media sites, this allows employers to see your writing skills. Make sure you have great online connections. Connect with people in your field, people you look up to and people you can gain relevant information from. Check-in at professional events, share informative links, and interact within your network. These simple, easy tips are guaranteed to boost your online presence, and make you interview ready. The world of social media can be an intimidating place, make sure you are one step ahead of the rest.

Just remember, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; what happens on Twitter stays on Google Forever.” – Jure Klepic

The Social Media Revolution

The social media revolution is quickly taking over the lives of many. Whether it is teenagers looking for a distraction from hours of homework, or young professionals who are now running social media platforms as part of their job. With this revolution comes a great shift in communication, which is changing relationships around the world. We used to be in a world where large corporations talked at us. We received bias information whether it was in the news, or about a product. We were a society without much power, and greatly deceived. Now we are fighting back! Social media is a powerful tool available to everybody. Not only do we now have the ability to talk back, we now have the ability to put out our own messages, and our own news.

A simple, yet powerful example of people talking back is seen in consumer reviews. Instead of companies just telling us about how great a product is, we now have the ability to input our own opinions, which have become very influential when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions. Social media has given the people a voice that has exceeded everyone’s expectations. From YouTube celebrities, to blog writers selling award-winning books, social media has a place for everyone.

With the Grammys on tonight, we see a perfect example of the power social media holds. Anybody can put out a tweet that can be re-tweeted by a celebrity, or multimillion-dollar company. Or somebody can tweet about a celebrity and have a chance at actually receiving a reply from them. It is nights like tonight that we really see how social media is breaking down the walls that used to restrict communication between people everywhere.

Social media is changing the world, and all of the relationships in it.