Blogging for Small Businesses

This week I am going to talk about the benefits of blogging! Millions of people every day blog in order to stay connected, teach others about a subject, and most importantly just to have fun. Blogging can serve different purposes for different people but in our situation I am going to look at how it can be beneficial to Andrea and her small business of Wardrobe Interventions.

Blogging can be a great way for a small business owner to really connect to potential customers. Being consistent and knowledgable with your updates will give your readers more of a reason to follow you and interact with you online. Since Andrea is into fashion I think it is important for her to attend fashion events and post pictures of what she sees and what she thinks is going to be “it” thing. Fashion is such a visual business and people want to be confident in your decisions before they go and hire you for a full makeover or closet facelift.

This website does a great job of informing readers that blogging doesn’t have to be stressful and can actually be really fun if you don’t overwhelm yourself. It also provides great tips on how small business owners can go about blogging if they are first time users.

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One of the most important things to remember is that it can take time to build a following. With millions of blogs out there you really have to be proactive in your approach to inform your customers that you have a blog and encourage them to follow it. Many people link their business’s website to their blog to allow even more people to be exposed to their brand or business. In today’s society just having a webpage for a business is not enough. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogging have all become important pieces to running a successful business.


Since Andrea is considered an expert in her area of business her goal should be to educate and inform her readers of fashion trends and popular accessories. Blogging should be a fun way for her to form relationships with her readers and potential customers. When you have your own blog it gives you opportunities to be creative and really enjoy what you are writing and posting about. So far I have enjoyed my weekly blog posts and I have only just started!

I hope ya’ll have a great spring break and I will update soon!

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