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For my social media class this semester we get to choose a client and work with them using different aspects of social media to help grow their company. This semester we are working with Andrea Whaley and the company, Wardrobe Interventions, she created allows her to go into people’s homes, raid their closets, and throw out all of their bad fashion choices.  Doesn’t that sound pretty fun? She operates out of Austin and wants us to help her be more active and up-to-date in the social media scene.

One of the greatest tools in the fashion world today is Instagram. This awesome app and website allows anyone to upload pictures, make comments, and share them across the world. Many companies use Instagram for free advertising and it allows users to easily scroll through a companies page to look at clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories.


This picture shows how companies are using the Instagram app to better reach their customers by showing the companies clothes, accessories, and possible ways they could put outfits together.


In April 2012 Facebook  bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars. This goes to show that companies are investing more money then ever in social media and hoping to find more ways to reach more people. With more than 150 million active monthly users, Instagram is becoming one of the most popular sites out there. Instagram is a free way to advertise your clothes or accessories without needing to buy thousands of dollars worth of ad space in magazines.

For start up companies like Wardrobe Interventions, Instagram can really help her reach more people and to spread her ideas across the web. Everyone needs a little fashion help and having a strong social media presence is the best way to reach people in today’s society. When you look around you see hundreds of kids constantly on their phones or computers sharing what they just came across on Facebook or Twitter, start up businesses are using the Internet more than ever to try and reach them.

Throughout the semester our group plans to look at how Instagram can help Andrea’s company even more. Putting together outfits and posting them on an Instagram page is just the start to how effective this website can be. The majority of people using Instagram daily are young people, which are the perfect demographic to advertise to if you want to grow a fashion business.

Finding more ways to incorporate social media is becoming necessary if you want to have a successful business and I’m excited to see how Instagram can help grow Wardrobe Interventions even more!

2 thoughts on “Instagram & Fashion

  1. Love your ideas on Instagram to use for a fashion stylist! I too talk about Instagram and Twitter on my blog and I love your blog for getting more info!

  2. This blog seems so cute and interesting. I agree! Instagram is the perfect place for people interested in getting into the fashion industry, more than Facebook or Twitter. I know I follow a good amount of people on Instagram that help me with wardrobe ideas. I know there are many other fashion focused apps that are coming out as well. I would love to see a post on those! I am loving this blog though!

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