Think Twice About Every Piece of Advice

Every where you look people are giving out advice like samples in a mall’s food court. Now I do believe that many people have great advice to share, however, check your source or at least think twice about who you are listening to.

In our society is easy to watch shows and movies and directly compare them to our own lives, as if we are living the life we are seeing. The truth is we all have lived different experiences and have relationships that are unique. It is not fair for us to think just because our favorite celebrity is taking yoga classes and becoming a vegan that we would benefit the same way they are from living that lifestyle. More realistically speaking, our friends are not always the best to give advice either. Yes, it is the sad truth of many friendships. Even if this sounds cruel it is critical to analyze your friends. If you always think hmm they do not judge men very well or ehhh I am not sure why they think those shoes look good with that outfit. This is normal, so just remember what you agree with most about your friends. Whether you love their fashion, or the confidence they exude take those qualities and listen to advice in those subjects. Understand that I am not trying to say not to listen to what they have to say, but always remember the life you are living and what is best for you.

Even this blog, for example, you may read something you do not agree with or feel differently about. That is what makes you, you. Read, watch, listen to many things and take something from everything as it applies to you.

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”
-Carl Jung

23 thoughts on “Think Twice About Every Piece of Advice

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