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Article: How To Get The Job Experience You Need To Land Your Dream Job

Frank CropDo you often ask yourself, how you will get the job experience you need to land your dream job? I came across this article, and found that it could be helpful for those who are struggling to find jobs or internships in order to gain that experience that is needed to pursue a dream job. In this career article, you will find helpful tips that guide you to be proactive on your career journey which will help you get experience you desire. Good luck!

How To Get The Job Experience You Need To Land Your Dream Job


Social Media Success: A Guide for Job Seekers

Raymond Rogers, Director of Career and Professional Development

Raymond Rogers, Director, Career and Professional Development

We hear a lot of discussion about the growing and evolving role of social media in our lives.  This is particularly true in the job search or career advancement process.  One statistic I continue to hear is how many job recruiters use LinkedIn as a source for identifying or screening candidates—79% according to this article.

Further described are some practical and easy to follow tips for making the most of three commonly used social media platforms of job recruiters: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  Even if you aren’t currently looking for work, or to advance to a new position, growing your professional network through social media can pay off when you are ready to seek new career opportunities.

Read more about it here.


Article Review: Millennial Career Site The Muse Raises More Cash

Emily Salazar, Career Counselor

Emily Salazar,        Career Counselor

Have you heard about “The Muse”? I’ve been referring students to their website. They offer career advice to millennials, information on job search and how to explore companies, informational videos and career coaching. They’ve received very positive reviews from Fortune, Forbes, WSJ, Mashable, and other highly respected sources. This article caught my attention, because not only is it a testimonial on the career services of The Muse, but it also provides a valuable lesson to anyone thinking of building their own start-up. Apparently fundraising is tough these days and investors don’t want to see only growth. They want to see revenue. There was so much interest in The Muse this past year from venture capitalists wanting to invest, that they will increase their total funding from $10 million to $28.7 million. They must be doing something right.

This is an interesting read for future entrepreneurs: http://fortune.com/2016/06/22/the-muse-career-site-raises-more-cash/ , but as a bonus, also visit The Muse website at: https://www.themuse.com  and check out their career planning resources.


#HiredfromtheHilltop Monday for June 6, 2016



#HiredfromtheHilltopMonday – May 23rd



How I got a Summer Internship at Mozilla


Dominick Namis ’17

It all started when I was first exposed to Mozilla Thimble in my Interactive Technologies class in the fall of 2015. I was amazed at how easy Mozilla made it for beginners to learn to code. While searching for companies to intern for, and knowing that I wanted to go to Silicon Valley, I decided to go to Mozilla’s website to look for open positions. Luckily, there were two open intern positions at Mozilla, so I applied. The Career and Professional Development team here at St. Edward’s played a crucial role in the development of my resume and helped me gain confidence for my interviews. After I submitted what I believed to have been an incredible resume, I waited patiently to hear back from Mozilla. Read More


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How My Part Time Jobs Helped to Shape My Future

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.24.34 PM

          Carlos Gutierrez

Ever since I graduated from high school, I have been aware of the importance of possessing a good set of skills. I decided to leave Colombia to start my higher education in the United States due to the availability of field experiences for students offered in the U.S. In my first semester of college, I started working with the Office of Student Life at Austin Community College. A year into my bachelor’s degree I started volunteering with The Trevor Project. I took on my first “real” job during my last year at Austin Community College as a Director of First Year Experience. Now, I am an Office Assistant for the Dean of the School of Natural Sciences at St. Edward’s University as I wait to hear back from the Office of Student Life at St. Edward’s about the EcoLead Director position for the 2016-2017 school year.

My eager search for practical experience started four years ago and led me to the Office of Student Life at Austin Community College. This was my first time working. The position highly focused on leadership skills, creating new ones and sharpening the ones I already possessed. I was responsible for orientations and events around campus that promoted cultural awareness. My public speaking skills greatly benefited from this position, overcoming my fears to speak to strangers and to an audience of over 50 people. Read More


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Photocommunications and Me

Jazmine Bartlett

Jazmine Bartlett

My name is Jazmine Bartlett. I am a full-time Photocommunications major in my sophomore year at St. Edward’s University and I currently have a part-time job on-campus at the school’s art gallery that I have been working at for a year and a half.

When I started work at my part-time job, I had no idea how much work went into each show. I quickly learned that each exhibition involved much more than haphazardly hanging an artist’s paintings on a wall. The whole process is very precise and time-consuming. For example, each wall is meticulously spackled, sanded, and painted over after each show to conceal any divots or holes, placement of each work is determined and measured so that the center of each piece is the correct height, lights must be replaced and re-positioned, and vinyl show titles are leveled and placed on the walls and outside windows. During this time, the artists and the curator(s) are very stressed about getting everything just right in the short amount of time allotted. This is when the gallery monitors are most important. Read More


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