Shelby Charette

I declared that I wanted to do at least 10 hours per week and I greatly exceeded that, just working on the video we made. I probably worked about 3 to 4 hours a day each day that I worked on it. I would probably keep my goal around 10-20 hours per week, that will give me plenty of time to work on this classwork and develop as a designer, but also allow me enough time to work on my other class assignments. I do definitely put priority on my design classes when it comes to putting time in.

I still believe that sophisticated work is well revised, it is better than the work  you did before, and it grows in strength. I definitely saw significant improvement starting from the beginning of the project to where I ended up. I started to be able to do more and learn to do new things in After Effects. Problem solving was definitely a strength in this project, because there were so many things that needed to be done in it, that if there was an issue, being able to figure out the problem and find an effective solution was absolutely necessary or else your video would be a mess. I believe that working on the weather report made made my work more sophisticated because I had to make sure that every single detail, from the design to the movements and choreography was perfect, so I definitely think attention to detail helped in making my video more sophisticated.

The assignment we had to do for Image Methodology on the user interface definitely prepared me a little bit for the weather assignment. It made it easier to navigate already having previous knowledge, seeing as After Effects is a complicated application. Also, knowing things about color choices, typography, and design added to my videos effectiveness and it allowed me to create a more cohesive and effective design.

I would still like to work in After Effects, because there is still so much to learn. I hope to just work on new techniques and improve on my work.

This project is very valuable because it taught us basically how to use a brand new application we have never used before. I talked to a design intern for Margin Walker, and the first thing he asked was if I knew how to use After Effects. He said it was extremely useful and a lot of people do not know how to use this application. The 2 projects I believe relate in some way to this project is the user interface and the map projects we did in GDES I. They both have similarities, seeing as I had to use typographic, color and design in order to create a successful design. Then the user interface relates to it with the movement and using of After Effects. This project is rated higher, because I was able to use very many design qualities.

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