Sophomore Portfolio Review

Since I have been working as a graphic designer, I believe that in such a small amount of time, my work has grown up with me. A friend of mine once said, “it is amazing that out of any major I have ever seen, I can actually physically see your work mature with each project.” I believe it is important for designers to push themselves to constantly do better and step outside of their comfort zone, and I definitely owe that to myself, my teachers, and my graphic design community.

I would say my greatest strengths are organization, attention to detail, and working with an open mind. It is very important for designers to keep their work organized and pay close attention to detail. When I’m working with a very large file, with a lot of layers, it can be very overwhelming, and I learned very fast just how much organization can affect my work. In the beginning of each project, I always take the time to organize my work before diving in, because when working with 160 layers and working on each individual layer, it can get confusing.

Another strength is working with an open mind and to never stop working on something. I cherish my graphic design community because I can always come to them for helpful criticism. There is no such thing as a perfect graphic designer, and there is always room for improvement. As a student, it is important to realize that taking criticism and working with it can be one very big advantage, because one person can see something completely different than what you are trying to portray and that can make all the difference in the world. There is no such thing as a perfect designer, but that does not mean we cannot strive for it.

I believe that my work in the Weather Report and in the Zine I made reflect my strengths and also show the most improvement since my career started. Both of the projects required me to work simultaneously with  type, design, and illustration. In the Weather Report, when dealing with type, I had many issues when it came to legibility for the smaller point sizes, and eventually through problem solving I found a solution. With the Zine, I had to make multiple typefaces with many iterations until I finally found the right one that went well with my design. All together, my illustration skills have increased very well in my projects, seeing as I am making illustration more of a priority to improve my skills. My eye for design has also improved when working with these projects, seeing as I am paying more and more attention to detail as I continue to learn.

This is my Weather Report.

This is my Zine.

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