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Post 1: Artists and Entrepreneurs

Article #1: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Artists (Links to an external site.)
Article #2: Are Artists Entrepreneurs?
 (Links to an external site.)

The main point of the two articles I read was to explore the similarities between artist and entrepreneurs and how the two groups can learn and build of each other. Both analysed the traits that artist has that bring them close to be an entrepreneur, if not already

Artist today can learn a lot from entrepreneurs including skills on how to manage and how to both satisfy the market and there personal goals.

12 characteristics I agreed with:

2- Artist are humanist
4- Artist are like children (have a sense of wonder)
6- Artist are comfortable with ambiguity
7- Artist are holistic, interdisciplinary thinkers
9- Artist are great story tellers
10- Artists are conduits and not “masters of the universe”

Something that I might add to the list that may or may not be slightly covered with other points is that artist are curious. Due to that and being humanist they also have lots of empathy.

TedTalk: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

After taking the grit test I believe I have a good amount of grit but definitely could improve.

To help increase my grit I need to really push myself to finish or stay with projects or anything in my life. I need to stop letting my self slack to that I don’t stop knowing how to work hard.