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Boardwalk Brand Book

Branding and Teaching

My boardwalk brand book aims to not only explain the structure of my public places brand but the emotions behind it. With my brand book, I don’t just so the reader my brand’s logos and styles I teach them how to use and implement them into a useful system of color, graphics, feeling, and culture.

The book its self-serves as a tribute to the identity of the Boardwalk. The accordion style gives flow and pace to the booklet along with a unique experience for each reader. There’s no true front and back so you may open to the large picture spread or information guild. One can fully extend the book or flip pages.  The inside practices what it preaches as the design is shown implemented not only in the example city bus wraps but in the typefaces, the color, and the use of the wave pattern.

The text explain and expresses the uses and the reason behind each element helping the read connect more to the brand and the Boardwalk.

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Public Space Mark

Boardwalk Mark

After collecting and processing all the collected information I moved on to trying to create a mark that represents the identity I wanted to express.  My identity changed many time as I narrowed it done. By the end I decided that the boardwalk is a constant friend for those looking to escape the crowds and static of the city. This nature surrounded walkway invites all who walk her to enjoy the views, the quiet, and themselves.

The boardwalk mark created represents the structure and movement of the path with the scripted, but bold, type face that flows across like the waves underneath. The way the letters partly melt into the iconic skyline in the back represents how the boardwalk has been adopted into the city. The use of foreground and background eludes to the location of the path being across the water from downtown. Over all the mark invites the viewer to come see for themselves the simple beauty of the boardwalk, away from the crowds and noise.


Public Space Research

The Boardwalk

The beginning steps to creating my Boardwalk identity felt strange and out of place when I first started working on them but I soon realized how important they were to me. The photo taking really helped to stop and look at the design that was already there, the sound bites made me listen to the atmosphere, and the writings helped me analyze and put those acquired feelings into words. The techniques I used here carried through to the next phases and will be used in future projects.