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Fulbright Association Mock Program

The Fulbright Challenge

The Fulbright annual conference is a meeting and sharing of ideas; there was a lot going on. The goal was to not only envision and execute a theme fitting the Fulbright image but also keeping the page count down. It was a real challenge to keep the program visually appealing, legible and condensed but overall the experience was eye opening.

The theme for 2016 was “Meeting new challenges” and drive of Fulbright is to challenge and educate bold, innovative ideas. My program design is constructed to reflect the sturdy and bold idealism of Fulbright. My design features a strong graphic present that is pulled from the leading typeface. The angled rectangle shape works well to organize and hold u the information for the conference. Using this style, I could fit a lot of information onto one page while making it easy to find information and avoiding having a wall of text. The style of the graphics is carried throughout the booklet to express a cohesive unity. The map is placed on the back for ease of use when using it between panels. The column styled round tables and schedule help the attendee quickly scan titles and name or look for more details on the event. The colors and page numbers are bold and appealing but don’t distract the reader from the information. My booklet is layered out for easy navigation while still expressing the nature of the Fulbright organization.

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Weather Report

Weather report

While working on this weather report I learned more about color, type, and space. Once again the constraints of the project forced me out of my comfort zone, in returned I feel like I ended up with a design that slowly became more refined as it progressed.

I wish I had more experience with Aftereffects to be able to more fully utilize the program. I also had some areas I wanted to fix in the project but was unsure on how to go back into the timeline and move objects around within the time frame and without messing up other parts.