When a movie is designed very little detail must be considered. This project for me really challenged me to continue to think on how I can further an idea and notice little details. I started my planning but analyzing the movies overall schemes then narrowing it down to characters and single location. I took screen shots from the movie and read a few reviews before starting my design. The typeface (Archer) was an easy place to start because the film itself uses a very distinct font for the hotel, my location of choice. Same situation with color. The Grand Budapest is unique hotel as its employees all wear royal purple. Being a place for the wealthy I decided that id one was needing a light (or match) they would be served upon so the matches needed to match the workers.

After this point however it became more difficult to take the simple elements and refine them to a point of great detail. by the end project I was very proud of my design, at the time my only regret was the color stretching at the folds of the paper but even that became a happy accident as the slight used look reminded me of the the main characters needs to be perfect despite himself.

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