Portfolio Highlight

During my time spent within the graphic design program, I’ve come to learn not only many new things but also new things about myself. When I first started classes I already had an idea about the programs and design but not nearly as much as I originally thought. In my classes, I usually find myself frustrated at constraining projects but no matter what when I start my next project I realize how much I’ve grown from that struggle. The two pieces I believe can express this growth our my identity mark and weather animation.

The process of creating my mark was a long-seeming madness that slowly came together and left even myself surprised with the results. The mark its self-serves to remind me of all the work I’ve done before and the knowledge I’ve obtained. It may not be perfect but looking back at older work I can see how my work has become more refined. The color schemes, line work, the cohesiveness, and overall appearance have greatly improved. Though the process of creation I’ve learned the importance of putting time into my work and never saying done. Seemingly endless critiques have forced me to continue to go back and go back, till I’m at the finalFINAL piece.

These same concepts also translate into my weather report. Once I’d gotten past learning the program I found that designing within Aftereffects can be as equal fun as it is irritating. With this project, I learned how tight restrictions doesn’t mean restricted design and the value of typefaces. As I worked on my report and saw others as they to completed part after part I was always surprised by their ideas and designs. Everyone had their own way of working within the parameters. my strength in this project I believe was in the creation of a clean, coordinated design. I spent a lot of work finding a color scheme and design that would hold my info in a contained yet aired fashion. Seeing mine work next to others was interesting because of the different feeling I got from each one and the variety in chosen typefaces. I

I believe in this project an advantage I held that allowed my more designing room was my experience with the program and others like it. I got to worry less about getting it all done and the “how-tos” and more on putting down what I visualized for the project.


Overall I’ve grown so much as a designer because of the way I’ve been pushed from my comfort zone and my personal ways of designing. Learning how to design within tight restriction, with abstracted ideas, or even when I may not really want to are all skills I’ve received from my projects, classes, and classmates.

Please enjoy my blog, all my portfolio pieces have been tagged with the class name and “Portfolio.”

projects from Graphic Design 1 (mapping projects 1-3 and symbols) are not available because I have not yet taken the class.