Artists and Entrepreneurs

The first article, written by Tim Leberecht, talked about twelve key things that entrepreneurs need to learn from artists. They talked about all the important ideas and things that come to make good artists. The second article, by Amit Gupta, begged to ask the question if artists could be considered entrepreneurs. This article went on to make comparisons between artists and entrepreneurs. It talked about how they are both creative and are able to come up with solutions to problems they want to solve.

Like entrepreneurs, I think that artists should keep in mind the state of the market that they are going to release their work into. Artists need to be creative, but they need to make sure that their work is released at the right time. They need to know their industry and how they can be different from all of the other artists.

I agree that artists should be considered as entrepreneurs. Artists are the people that try to experiment and create something that would be different from anything else around the time. We get to see developers make video games that are from what people would normally play. Different Ideas are not only part of the video game industry. We get to see different types of movies and other types of media as well. People are taking risks by making new art. Art flourishes through distinct and new experiences.

I agree that artists are to be able to be more creative when they are put under constraints. Constraints allow artists to come up with new possibilities that would not have been considered before. I had a project for my Foundation of Art and Design class that was very tedious due to the rules. We were assigned to take one-hundred pictures of just one object. The catch was that we could not just take photos of the object sitting in different places. For me, it was hard to be creative enough to be able to take one-hundred different pictures, but I would not have been to come up with all these creative ideas if there were no rules.

If there were some other characteristics that stand out to me would be that artists are like children and that they are passionate about their work. Artists have a child like imagination that allows them to come up with many good ideas. Artists really do care about the art they create as well. Why would they put their blood, sweat, and tears into their projects if they did not care?

Artists and Entrepreneurs are two sides of one coin. They both work hard and take their own risks with their ideas. They both have the ability to be able to come up with their own brilliant ideas. When you think about it, there is no major difference between the two besides art and business.

Do I Have Grit?

The Grit Test tells people if they have what it takes to handle college. Luckily for me, I got a score of 3.88 out of 5. I would say I have a pretty good chance of doing well in college. I have more Grit than 70% of the United States. That is some decent evidence. If there is one thing that I need to work on, it would be to focus more on any upcoming assignments.

I am not sure what I could possibly do to improve my grit. I could probably spend more time studying or planning further ahead for my schedule. I need to work on assignments and try to finish them the day that they are assigned. If I am able to do these things, I will be successful.

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