Blog Post #6


For each class ask yourself the following:

  1. My greatest strengths in International Relations include: Understanding in class material.
  2. For greater success in this course, I need to: Spend more time reading the “suggested” readings.
  3. My greatest strengths in Spanish III  include: Understanding the concepts on paper.
  4. For greater success in this course, I need to: Practice outside of class, actually make the effort to speak even when I feel scared.
  5. My greatest strengths in Visual Studies include: Using my artistic abilities for class project, for example, integrating interesting skills into my projects.   
  6. For greater success in this course, I need to: I need to take more notes on the more technical lectures.
  7. My greatest strengths in Image Methodology  include: My interests and passion for everything we have learned so far.    
  8. For greater success in this course, I need to: Dedicate more practice time to homework assignments.  
  9. My greatest strengths in Graphic Design 1 include: My participation within the group discussions and engagement in class projects.  
  10. For greater success in this course, I need to: Dedicate more practice time to homework assignments.  
  11. My greatest strengths in Visual Studies Seminar include: Being engaged with lectures, compelling blog posts.   
  12. For greater success in this course, I need to: Take more notes during the lectures.


Computer skills:

  1. My computer skills include: Indesign, Illustrator, photoshop, lightroom, google slides.    
  2. I still need to learn: coding & everything else.


Research & writing skills:

  1. My greatest strengths as a researcher/writer include: Creative ideas, creative writing experience that helps to spice up my papers.
  2. I need to work on these aspects of research and writing: Understanding research tools like google scholar so I can use them to their full potential.
  3. I learn best & accomplish most when: I am engaged/interested with what I am learning, when I am working on a project.  


Choose one class that you are struggling with or are not doing as well as you could.Now make a list of 10 ways you could improve your performance in this class.

International Relations: 10 Steps to be More Successful  

  1. Spend 30 minutes reading and annotating  textbook.
  2. Review syllabus and add all due dates to my calendar.
  3. Create a continuous study guide where you can add key terms from book and from class.
  4. Before the Print out study guide and refill info.  
  5. Download audio book for textbook.
  6. Take better notes in class.
  7. Try not to zone out in class.
  8. Take color coded notes.
  9. Go to office hours.
  10. Start work as soon as it is assigned.  

Blog Post #5

Part 1: Your written response to seeing upperclassmen work. Based on your in class notes, please comment on each of the student presenters and their work.

Overall I really enjoyed the senior presentation. It was interesting to imagine what It would like if Ii was the one giving the presentation of 2 years from now. The Photography major was the first girl to present at the seminar. What i found most interesting about her experiences was that she was able to use her study abroad experience to develop her portfolio by taking advantage of the unique and beautiful places around her in europe. The second to present was the art major. I really liked seeing how her portfolio shifted and transformed as she progressed through her time at St. Ed’s. One thing she mentioned that I think is really important for me to research the Mexican American Cultural Arts Center. I have worked with a similar organization in san antonio and it would be awesome to work at a place that mixes both my passion for art and design as well as my passion for latin american studies. The third presenter was a graphic design major. I thought it was  really interesting to see her work and compare it with what I have done so far at St. Ed’s in the GDES program. It was also a sneak peek at some of the future assignment I may be working on. I also thought that her experience in Mexico City was extremely interesting. I hope that I am able to be part of a similar project or experience. Last but not least was the Interactive Game Studies major, for me this was the least interesting major just because anything video game goes right over my head. But I did appreciate her description of the difficulties of getting a job in the industry and strategies of how to compete in this field, I think for everyone found this advice very helpful.   

Part 2: Each of you will develop your own website in the future, that will act as a showcase for your portfolio. With this in mind, find at least four websites that you find compelling. Insert a link for each site, and add a short summary for each link explaining why you chose them.

A trend that I am noticing with all the websites I have chosen is that they are very similar. They all have a lot of pictures which are the main focal point of each website, they have a mainly white background, and it’s obvious that simplicity is the look each website is going for.  I like this website because it’s simplistic yet still has a lot of personality. I like the title of each web page because they add humor to website. think this is my least favorite out of all 4 websites but I do like The size of the photos. I think that the type is a bit weird but overall the webpage looks well put together. one is the most interesting ones I love all the pictures and the way they are organized in the grid. I like that each photo is a link that leads the viewer to her work. For the last website I could not think of an artist to chose so I ended up selecting this bullet journal webiste because of how well designed I think it is. My favorite part is that the image of the journal follows the viewer through the pages and I think it a very interesting effect that was done very well on this website.

How’s It Going?




1) about your expert hours in relationship to your use of practice time,
This year I have used my practice time for creating posters and designs for the organization Generation Citizen as well as for my church. I have also started to embroider. I am also very interested in interior design and I spend a lot of time on pinterest and youtube planing ways to style my room. I would say I have a very busy schedule so it a little difficult to spend as much time to practice as what is deserved. I try to spend my weekends working on the designs I am creating for my different activities.

2) the sophistication** of your work,
I am beginning to see the transformation as my works becomes more sophisticated. When I first began using illustrator, I was a freshmen in high school and I did not know how to use the tools to their full potential. It took me hours to do little tasks and a very long time you finish a design. I also relied heavily on my mom to help me clean up the design. In my senior year of high school I applied to be the designer for the student run Model UN conference my school orchestrates. Over 1100 hundred delegates were given hand books designed by me and t-shirts with my logo. This was my first taste of what it might be like to have a job in graphic design. My designs for the conference were definitely more sophisticated but still not at their best. Then in my first year at St. Ed’s, I only had the opportunity to take one graphic design class. I began to learn more about sophistication of type and layout and I was very pleased by my work in this class. Now as a sophomore I think that both my Image Methodology and GD1 have taken my work to another level. I able to use the tools with extreme ease and I know so much more about different functions within the program. I am very excited by my progress and I can’t wait to learn more.

3) how you dealt with feedback,
Overall I think I do pretty well with feedback. When I get feedback I always try to implement people’s suggestions in order to improve my work. I do think I do better with a professor’s feedback rather than peer feedback. I think this is because I have more respect for the ideas a professor is giving because they have more experience and I don’t want to be unintentionally  misled by a peer. This is something I need to work on.  I am also a bit of a sensitive person so I often get worried that I will be offended by what my peers say, although that hasn’t ever happened.

4) the level of challenge you gave yourself,
I have intentionally created a busy schedule for myself, because I work best under pressure. I try to challenge myself with my schedule to produce good work in a short period of time. I also tend to sign myself up for design things outside of school without really considering the time I will need to spend because this obligation allows me to focus my energy on making designs with different criteria.

5) other expert experiences,
Other than designing class t-shirts and logos for the MUNSA conference, I also design for a annual “church” retreat called the Mona Project so far I have made two of the logos/t-shirt designs and I am in the process of creating the one for this year. I am also in another class, Image Methodology, that is definitely contributing to expert experiences as well. Besides graphic design I also enjoy drawing, painting, embroidery, sewing, and photography. These past two years I have been developing my photography skills with class like appreciation of the art, photography and now in my Visual Studies classes. I am also majoring in Global Studies and I like linking my two interests together through class projects. Similarly in high school I was part of a program titled Border Lands where I had the opportunity to research about border relations and create art inspired by my findings.

6) social emotional development,
I think I am a mature person, especially when compared to the stereotypical depiction of a young adult, that parties, drinks, and does drugs. I am personally opposed to exposing myself to this because I don’t believe that it’s healthy, and to be honest I think it’s a way that a consumerist society, and culture distracts youth from the real social issues. As I have entered college my social and emotional development has definitely been tested, especially now. But after every challenge I face I try to reflect over the decision I make and     

7) and your contribution to the classroom climate,
I think I am a genuinely positive person. I think that positivity is an important contribution to every environment. I also think that I contribute with giving my attention and answering questions as well as feeling comfortable to ask questions. I hope and I try to influence my peers in a positive and constructive manner.  

Blog Post #4

Part 1:

A project I am currently working on.

What was the goal of the assignment? Or what was the question posed by this assignment?

The assignment for my image methodology course is to create a zine that represented  a truism we subscribed to. I see the assignment as three parts. First, creating content, for this piece we had to write a personal belief pieces based on the radio segment on NPR titled this I believe. Second we had to create a type that represented our truism. Third we had to create an abstract image that represented the vibe we wanted our truism to represent. Finally we added all these parts together to create the truism zine.

How did you go about reaching this goal or answering this question?

I am trying to reach the goal by following the instruction and following my intuitions with my design as well as asking lots of clarifying questions for the professor. 

Part 2: Self Critique 

1. What is the strongest aspect of this work?
The strongest aspect of my work is the J.  

2. What is the weakest aspect?
Probably the ‘.  

3. How can the project be strengthened conceptually?
Hopefully as I start to create the background image and create a vibe of the zine I will be able to strengthen the message of the piece.

4. How can the project be strengthened technically?
I think if I keep massaging the lines of the type and editing I can eventually get the work to be technically strong.

Blog Post #3

The artist I chose to write about, named Hrishikesh Hirway, would not be considered an artist in the traditional visual art sense. Hirway was born on the 1st of February, 1979, in Peabody Massachusetts. He graduated from Yale with a degree in Art. He has composed for movies such as Save the Date and The Dukes of Hazzard. Although Hrishikesh Hirway is best known as a musician, and composer, he is also known for his production of the podcast Song Exploder. I was first introduced to Hirway’s work, on Song Exploder, this year in my Visual Studies course. I have always been very intrigued in the art of Podcasts and radio shows because of the amazing content and the elements of sound that create such moving pieces of work.

A specific piece of work by Hirway I would like to reference is one of his latest episodes on Song Exploder, Episode 115: Maggie Rodders. The podcast tells the story of Maggie Rodgers journey as a music student in her university. The way the story is pieced together and the sound effects that are layered within make for a moving and motivational episode. Even though there are no images the listener is sucked into the story. I think that the fact that Hirway can create such a trance is a true sign of his artistic abilities.  

Blog Post #2

Part 1: My Time Tracker

This week I tracked everything I did. After looking it over and analyzing what I have what have done this week I have realized two things for certain, 1) I watch a lot of youtube, and 2) I have a pretty busy schedule. I should probably watch less youtube, and spend that time doing more of my school assignments. Even though my schedule looks very busy, this is when I am the most productive. I need to keep doing things to keep myself engaged throughout the day or else I find myself in a slump. I think the feeling I get from completing small task is what motivates to productively complete the whole day.  

Part 2: My Artwork 

These are a few of my sketches from my high school sketch book. I don’t think they are a very good representation of my artistic thinking at the time, however it is the only art I have with me from high school at St. Edwards. In high school I did not do many drawings, I did make a lot of artwork in my art classes but I did not create much art that wasn’t assigned. I was manly interested in ink drawings so that is what most of my art reflects.

Blog Post #1, Part 1

1.What are the main points of each article?

The first article, What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Artists, describes the features that an artist has that important for the world of business. In a sense it describes artists as the future of the business world. The second article, Are Artist Entrepreneurs, again talks about the overlap of artist and entrepreneurs. Basically both articles explain that creativity and the ability to see and think outside the box is very important when it comes to leading the innovative leaders.

2. What can artists learn from their “entrepreneurial cousins”?

Artist can learn many things from entrepreneurs. For instance entrepreneurs know how to better manage their efforts and stay on task. Another lesson they can learn is building a supportive network of people that can help an artist stay on track.  

3. Do you agree that artists are entrepreneurs? Why?

Yes. I agree that artist are entrepreneurs. Artist and entrepreneurs have to think creatively to make a change in their community and company.

4. Which of the 12 characteristics of artists do you agree with?

I agree with all the characteristics but the one I thought was most important was, #2, Artists Are Humanist, which talked about artists and the importance of empathy and understanding the human nature. I believe that empathy is extremely important in all aspects of life, especially now because our society has become very self centered one, where many don’t take the time to think of how their actions will affect those around them. This is something that everyone is guilty of, even when we get into the car, and decide to tailgate someone because their driving slow, and they are inconveniencing us. It happens when we feel the need to cut someone off because they did something stupid about a mile ago. As society “progresses” we must not forget that we are all human, that no one is more important that the the other, we need to defeat our egos and feed our empathy, that is the only way we will get through the horrible things that have been happening and are happening on a daily basis in our world.

5.What others would you add to the list?

True Artists Have the betterment of Society in mind. Their goal goes beyond entertaining. They create because they believe their work serve a purpose bigger than themselves.

1.Do you have grit, or is this something you need to work on?

My grit score was 3.5, I was described as grittier than 50 percent of the population. To be honest this score does not surprise me. I have a difficult time focussing on projects and goals when I am setting them for myself. However, when it comes to school, I definitely find ways around this set back. I find that, if I am required to do something, for instance, if someone is depending on me to do a project, I am able to complete it in a timely manner. I think that having the structure of class assignments allows me to focus my energy and pour my effort into the things create. Also the fact that class assignments are usually supposed to be completed within a short period of time I am better able to focus my energy.

 I find this topic very interesting because it is something that I am very aware of in my own life and that I struggle with. I am often discouraged by a task or an idea that I once found so inspiring when it comes time to set that project in motion. For instance I might have came up with awesome idea for an art project but taking the energy to actually take the next steps to make my vision a reality is something that I seriously lack.

2. List a couple of things you could do to increase your level of grit.

I am trying to find ways around this feeling of discouragement, because I understand it is very self destructive. Because I work better when I have smaller more manageable tasks in front of me rather than large daunting ones, I think I need to find a way to break my big ideas down into little steps. Maybe by starting with the larger goal in mind then breaking down each step I need to take to reach that goal will help me to be a better manager of myself. Another thing I need to do is not to fall victim of the feeling of discouragement and the urge to procrastinate. I think when have these feelings, I am going to try and recognize them for what they are and then find ways to push past it by inspiring myself with the overall goal.  


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