1) about your expert hours in relationship to your use of practice time,
This year I have used my practice time for creating posters and designs for the organization Generation Citizen as well as for my church. I have also started to embroider. I am also very interested in interior design and I spend a lot of time on pinterest and youtube planing ways to style my room. I would say I have a very busy schedule so it a little difficult to spend as much time to practice as what is deserved. I try to spend my weekends working on the designs I am creating for my different activities.

2) the sophistication** of your work,
I am beginning to see the transformation as my works becomes more sophisticated. When I first began using illustrator, I was a freshmen in high school and I did not know how to use the tools to their full potential. It took me hours to do little tasks and a very long time you finish a design. I also relied heavily on my mom to help me clean up the design. In my senior year of high school I applied to be the designer for the student run Model UN conference my school orchestrates. Over 1100 hundred delegates were given hand books designed by me and t-shirts with my logo. This was my first taste of what it might be like to have a job in graphic design. My designs for the conference were definitely more sophisticated but still not at their best. Then in my first year at St. Ed’s, I only had the opportunity to take one graphic design class. I began to learn more about sophistication of type and layout and I was very pleased by my work in this class. Now as a sophomore I think that both my Image Methodology and GD1 have taken my work to another level. I able to use the tools with extreme ease and I know so much more about different functions within the program. I am very excited by my progress and I can’t wait to learn more.

3) how you dealt with feedback,
Overall I think I do pretty well with feedback. When I get feedback I always try to implement people’s suggestions in order to improve my work. I do think I do better with a professor’s feedback rather than peer feedback. I think this is because I have more respect for the ideas a professor is giving because they have more experience and I don’t want to be unintentionally  misled by a peer. This is something I need to work on.  I am also a bit of a sensitive person so I often get worried that I will be offended by what my peers say, although that hasn’t ever happened.

4) the level of challenge you gave yourself,
I have intentionally created a busy schedule for myself, because I work best under pressure. I try to challenge myself with my schedule to produce good work in a short period of time. I also tend to sign myself up for design things outside of school without really considering the time I will need to spend because this obligation allows me to focus my energy on making designs with different criteria.

5) other expert experiences,
Other than designing class t-shirts and logos for the MUNSA conference, I also design for a annual “church” retreat called the Mona Project so far I have made two of the logos/t-shirt designs and I am in the process of creating the one for this year. I am also in another class, Image Methodology, that is definitely contributing to expert experiences as well. Besides graphic design I also enjoy drawing, painting, embroidery, sewing, and photography. These past two years I have been developing my photography skills with class like appreciation of the art, photography and now in my Visual Studies classes. I am also majoring in Global Studies and I like linking my two interests together through class projects. Similarly in high school I was part of a program titled Border Lands where I had the opportunity to research about border relations and create art inspired by my findings.

6) social emotional development,
I think I am a mature person, especially when compared to the stereotypical depiction of a young adult, that parties, drinks, and does drugs. I am personally opposed to exposing myself to this because I don’t believe that it’s healthy, and to be honest I think it’s a way that a consumerist society, and culture distracts youth from the real social issues. As I have entered college my social and emotional development has definitely been tested, especially now. But after every challenge I face I try to reflect over the decision I make and     

7) and your contribution to the classroom climate,
I think I am a genuinely positive person. I think that positivity is an important contribution to every environment. I also think that I contribute with giving my attention and answering questions as well as feeling comfortable to ask questions. I hope and I try to influence my peers in a positive and constructive manner.