Understanding Company Research

2a) Watch Video Tutorial  ValueLine – Learn how to use the library’s ValueLine database to quickly assess a company’s current financial situation using ValueLine’s reputable ValueLine Reports. 


2b)Watch Video Tutorial Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage – Learn how to use the library’s Standard & Poor’s database to do more in-depth research about your company, such as locating comprehensive historical financial information.  


2c)Watch Video Tutorial  LexisNexis Academic Universe – You’ll want to use the library’s LexisNexis Academic Universe database in order to locate articles about your company from reputable trade publications, magazines, and newspapers – this video will show you how.  You’ll also learn how to access quality Zacks Equity Reports in LexisNexis.  

Resources Covered in Tutorials

ValueLine Database

Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage Database

Lexis Nexis Academic Database 

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Munday Library Business Research Guide – Company Information 

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