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Company Comparison

Analyst Reports (includes SWOT)
  • Bloomberg – (Terminal near Library Information Desk in the Munday Library)
  • NetAdvantage
    A source of business and investment information, S & P’s NetAdvantage offers on-line access to Standard & Poors independent research, including data and commentary on stocks, bonds, funds, and industries.
  • Value Line Investment Survey
    Read Chapter 3 Analyst’s commentary
  • CB Insights
    For entrepreneurs, CB Insights is a venture capital and angel investment database that provides daily real-time information about venture capital and angel investor-backed startup companies, venture capital companies, angel investors and transactions in the United States. CB Insights produces data-driven reports and analyses related to venture capital, private equity and angel investment on a regular basis, including an in-depth quarterly venture capital report.
    First-time users must create an account with their SEU email address to use CB Insights.
  • Pitchbook
    For entrepreneurs, search thousands of private equity and venture capital deals by hundreds of criteria. Use PitchBook to establish benchmarks, find real time data on deals, identify and analyze comparables, and search investor details.
    Users must create an account with their SEU email address to use the Pitchbook platform.
  • Business Source Complete
    Choose “advanced search” publication type: SWOT analysis
  • LexisNexis Academic Universe
    Read Find Company SWOT Analysts Reports
  • LexisNexis Academic Universe
    Boardroom Insider Reports in LexisNexis. Read How to Get a Company Snapshot or Profile. Enter name of top executive in executive tab, look for “Boardroom Insiders, Inc. in results.
  • LexisNexis Academic Universe
    Zack’s Equity Research in LexisNexis – Go to Source Directory at top, choose “find”, enter “Zacks Equity Research” in keyword box, select box to left, choose red “ok continue”

Conference Calls

Conference call transcripts contain a record of analyst q&a with executives of publicly traded companies.   Calls usually take place after the company’s quarterly earnings are released.  There are several ways to find these.

  • Search Fair Disclosure Wire through the Search box on the Library homepage, adding the phrase “conference call” to your company name.  (Example:  Whole Foods Market and conference call)
  • Search Fair Disclosure in Lexis Nexis.   Sometimes the transcripts are available a few days sooner in Lexis.  In the Search Terms box, type in your company name.   If you have too many results that are not relevant, follow this example within the same Search Terms box:  COMPANY (Whole Foods).
  • The company’s investor relations website.  Companies sometimes post transcripts, but more often the audio files and accompanying Powerpoint files from recent calls and investor conferences.

Fair Disclosure    file format examples:
Short version.       Event Brief of Q3 2012 Whole Foods Market Earnings Conference Call – Final
Full version.           Q3 2012 Whole Foods Market Earnings Conference Call – Final

Company News

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