School of Arts and Humanities Summer Workshops

In June and July, faculty members from the School of Arts and Humanities participated in two planning workshops, engaging with members of the QEP Committee to further develop the vision, goal, student learning outcomes, and activities of the QEP.

In the June workshop, a group of ten Arts and Humanities faculty members, along with nine members of the QEP Committee, reviewed the recent history of the QEP development, including the recommendations and suggestions received during the SACS on-site visit, the faculty and student feedback from the community forums held in May, and the working QEP framework and goal statement. The faculty members reflected on and discussed the state of career preparation from a disciplinary perspective and offered guidance on the conceptualization of “career” in the context of the QEP. The group reviewed career development theories and approaches emerging from the QEP Literature Review process, refined the student learning outcomes, and began to brainstorm activities that align with student learning outcomes.

The second QEP Summer workshop was held in July, with 13 Arts and Humanities faculty members and 13 QEP Committee members participating. This workshop focused almost entirely on fine-tuning the student learning outcomes and identifying high impact activities to fulfill the learning outcomes.

Throughout these two workshops, the Arts and Humanities faculty members offered critical feedback and creative suggestions that have greatly enhanced the development of the QEP. Their contributions ensure that we are offering a program of career exploration and preparation that addresses an issue of high interest and need among students, is focused on student learning, and is true to the identity of St. Edward’s.

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