11/06 Reflection

This was the week where we found typefaces and had our first round of images for our books. I enjoyed this because I love browsing through font websites and seeing all my different options. I decided to use a font I already had downloaded on my computer, Built Titling. This is a great font with a very thin weight and I’ve been using it since high school.

10/16 Reflection

This week we worked on hybrid collages.  It made sense that I liked this one better than the total analog, but less than the total digital. For this I decided to print out my images and cut them together in an analog way.  I had a hard time doing this for the same reason I have issues with other physical art. My hands are super shaky and I have issues trying to precisely cut/ draw things.

10/09 Reflection

This was the week of digital collages. I really enjoyed this project because I got to expand my Photoshop skills. This whole process for me was just me using different tools and features and deciding what I thought looked cool or not. I also started using images and scans in ways I hadn’t before, which is something I still incorporate into my work.

10/02 Reflection

My next few posts are all old ones because I’m dumb but this was the week of analog collages. As I created these, I remember getting super frustrated trying to find things I could use for this. The things I did find I always felt pretty gross grabbing because it was all pretty dirty. To be entirely honest, this was probably my least favorite thing we did in class. I had a really hard time trying to combine my things into attractive pieces.

Weekend of Dec 1

This weekend I finished the art for my project. After finally coming up with a solid plan for my book, I made a bunch of different levels of abstract art and will be using them to show sequence. After my drawing class tomorrow I’m going to get my inkjet prototype done in the fine arts building, because I didn’t have a chance to print over the weekend.

Thanksgiving week reflection

So my idea collapsed… again. On Tuesday, by the time we were on the bus, it was already too dark to shoot, along with the fact that we couldn’t bring Raye’s camera to share it was just a total disaster from a shooting standpoint. This means I’ll be forcing myself to make my emotion-based book work. I decided I’m going to show its sequence better by making it slowly fade into color by increasing saturation by 5% on each photo, going from total black and white to total color. Hopefully this works out.

11/17 Weekend

This weekend I realized my idea was awful. I do not have the skill yet to convey my emotions through art as well as I’d like so I am entirely changing my idea. I will document my trip to Dallas and end on a photo of Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully this will work better than my current idea.

Blog Post 10

The speakers who came in were a husband and wife working on a 2.5-D turn based fantasy game. They talked about how they got into the industry, how they met, how they found this project they wanted to work on together, and how they brought in a team and how team dynamics work. What I enjoyed the most about their talk was hearing about how their team managed to compromise on issues.

What is the process of trying to get internships and when does it happen?