Peter E. Austin


Peter Austin is an economic historian and Associate Professor at St. Edward’s University.   He is the author of numerous studies, reviews, and books including Baring Brothers and the Birth of Modern Finance (2007), and the forthcoming Decline from Greatness: Lawyers and the Undoing of Nations.

His teaching includes surveys of world history, contemporary social problems, the geography, economics, and business of energy, and the SEU Capstone course.  His current research pursuit is a large study of the 1960s that grew out the introductory Freshmen Studies lecture course of the same topic.

Dr. Austin graduated from The Thacher School in Ojai, California.  He took a Bachelor of Science in Rhetorical History from Northwestern, and holds Masters and Doctoral degrees from the University of Texas where he studied with Wm. Roger Louis and W.W. Rostow.  In addition to his teaching and research interests at SEU, Dr. Austin is the pianist in a faculty classical trio that performs regularly for the campus community at noon.  Before coming to St. Edwards, Dr. Austin was in private secondary school leadership in Austin and in New York City.

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