Damselfly (Suborder Zygoptera)

A striking blue exoskeleton, lovely wings, adorable bug eyes. If I could transform into a tiny insect, I’d probably choose to be a Damselfly.

The patience of this insect was otherworldly. It was as though Mother Nature had finally taken pity on my failing motivation and sent him to just sit there, while I got all close and personal and took as many pictures as I wanted.

And no, he wasn’t dead. I poked him, he flitted about, came right back.

Good little insect.

Then again, it could have just been a creature from the Netherworld in disguise, doing reconnaissance on the nearby human population. I would have asked, but I don’t normally go around pestering mysterious beings for their personal information. I need good karma as much as anyone.

Either way, once I spotted him I dropped to the ground, lying flat on the road as I army-crawled towards him. No worries for my safety: the road was a dead end and the construction workers had left for the day, except for one man who was still loading things into a truck.

Thank you, Mr. Construction Man, for bearing with my oddness each time I wander through.

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