Blog Post #11

Robert Bryant, the History of Video Games professor spoke about his favorite game: Fireball. Fireball is a 70’s pinball game with a unique board. He spoke to us about how video games evolved over time. He spoke about his own experiences in the video game industry.

Alex Robinson, my Visual Studies professor, spoke about her children. They’ve begun to take photos and Alex has been documenting these and making gifs out of the photos. She’s beginning to get back into making art.

Joe Vitone, also my Visual Studies professor, spoke about his ongoing photography project: Family Records. Since the 90’s he’s been documenting his immediate and extended family through large formate photographs. He spoke eloquently and was extremely knowledgable.


This class was very insightful. I enjoyed the speakers who came to talk to us throughout the semester. Although the speakers had nothing to do with photography, they offered good advice.


Blog Post #10

Nate and Anne, a duo of Indie game designers came to speak to us about their in-progress game: Wildermyth. It’s turn based game like XCOM. I learned about the process about creating a video game of that magnitude. It takes a lot of time, communication, and dedication. I applaud them.

Faculty Question: What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Blog Post #9

Alejandro, the SXSW worker had some interesting things to talk about. He seemed to really enjoy his job. He made a commercial that was very entertaining.

Anthony, the freelance graphic designer for the TCF, or Testicular Cancer Foundation, helped inform many people and possibly save many lives. Many thanks to him.

Edith, the recent graduate, worked on many art pieces which extremely enjoyed. Her Hispanic heritage really shows through her artwork. It’s unique.



It was interesting to hear about supercolliders. It’s amazing that such technology exists. Time is such a unique, complex, and interesting concept. The people who are trying to create art over a long period of time is strange, since you’ll never see your work completed. I found it interesting where they were talking about breaking sleep cycles in order to use the restroom. I thought of my personal experiences, and sometimes I will hold my pee until the morning, but if it’s extremely urgent, I’ll wake up and go.


It is so interesting to see someone hold their breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds. I could never hold my breath longer than a minute. The dedication that he had is immeasurable. It’s crazy how many different approaches he took to trying to hold his breath for that long. I couldn’t believe that he held his breath for 17 minutes under a super high stress scenario. I wonder how long he could have held his breath if he was under perfect conditions. His inspirations were Houdini and other magicians. He loves magic, and draws inspiration from other magicians. Practice, training, and experimentation are what come together to make magic, for him. And it shows.


I have always wondered how people have the time, dedication, and inspiration to create a Rube Goldberg machine. I remember watching an episode of the Mythbusters where they tried making their own Rube Goldberg machine. Suffice to say, there was never a perfect execution. It’s amazing that this Rube Goldberg machine lasts half an hour. I’m sure they used some of the smoke parts to cut to a better take. It’s an interesting idea, though, to have a Rube Goldberg machine last so long, and the final outcome is just smoke. I’ve always wanted to create a Rube Goldberg machine, but never have the time nor imagination to create something as awesome as this.

Blog Post #8 – VISU-1100

Bill Kennedy – Bill Kennedy had a visually appealing presentation. I honestly couldn’t tell what any of his photos resembled. I understood his process of creating the images, but I still couldn’t see what he was going for. It’s definitely something completely different from what I am used to viewing. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just not accustomed to viewing this form of art.

Tuan Phan –  Tuan Phan showcased a mood wall, I think, and it was effective at helping people understand their art.

Jimmy Luu – Jimmy Luu talked about the Risograph lab and printer. I thought it was an interesting way to print things.

Jena Heath – Jena Heath, a graphic designer, showed off a travel app that she was involved in. It’s an awesome idea for an app.


5 year plan: My long term goals after college? Oh boy, I don’t know. I’d like to become a product photographer as photographing people really isn’t my thing. Who knows, I might find another interesting photography related field to get into.


Pulp Fiction, for me, has always been a “stay away from that movie, it’s too violent!” kind of movie. I never minded the absurd violence. There’s a deeper meaning to all this awesome violence, believe me, there is. It all has to do with time.

The beginning and the end of the movie are in the same diner, right after each other. The whole convoluted movie has made fans do some intense research to come up with a timeline of the events. Those two hotshot robbers, Ringo and Yolanda, at the beginning and at the end ran into Vincent and Jules roughly after Vincent shot Marvin in the face. It might be strange to be seeing an ending with Vincent in it after witnessing him get Swiss cheesed by Butch. All in all, it was a very good film, and I have seen other Quentin Tarantino films like Reservoir Dogs and the such. Most of his films have a straightforward timeline, but a few like to jump around and really make you think. He’s an outstanding director.


As I was watching Hans Richter’s Rythmus 21, the silence added to the imagery I saw. My own mind added in its own sounds that coupled the “going” and “coming” shapes. First, I thought of a kazoo sound, of sorts. A long drawn out “zoooOOOO” when “coming” and a “ZOOooo” when “going”. Then, my roommate started to use an electric shaver, and my mind used that noise instead of the kazoo for the “coming” and “going” shapes.

It’s interesting how we perceive things when there is one sense lacking in a work of art. Our mind adds imagery if there is only sound. Our mind connects sound if there is only moving imagery. This was fascinating to me.

Blog Post #7 – VISU-1100

Four Year Degree Plan

I plan to major in Photocommunications. I have no idea what I plan to do with my degree. Perhaps I will become a product photographer. I do have a backup in mind. My family owns a successful produce company and I plan to inherit the company and take over it after college.

I was planning to minor in business, just in case, for owning the company. I have not considered a second major. There really isn’t anything else that catches my attention.