Blog Post #5 – VISU-1100

The student presenters gave good presentations about their own work. Michelle, the ARTS major, had very interesting work. I really enjoyed viewing all her doodles. Hanna, the GDES major, stumbled into her major, but she really enjoys what she’s doing right now. Alexis, the IGST major, had work that did not interest me personally. Perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t like video games anymore. Clara, the PHCO major, had some visually appealing images. I enjoyed the fact that she was proficient in both film and digital photography, as well as large format photography.

I think squarespace is a good choice because I always hear Tony and Chelsea Northrup promote, and squarespace’s logo is cute.

500px seems like a simple website. I like simplicity, so the visual appeal of this site is what draws me.

Flickr is what I’m most familiar with, but it doesn’t seem as robust as the other sites. Maybe this is just for showing your photos.

Wix is simple, also, and as I stated before, I like simplicity.

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