Blog Post #1 – VISU-1100

  1. “What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Artists” talked about how artists are on the rise. They listed 12 traits that artists share and described them as empathetic, well rounded, and strong individuals. “Are Artists Entrepreneurs?” talked about how artists and entrepreneurs can be each other, but for them to be successful, they need to work together, instead of alone.
  2. Artists need to learn that teamwork and cooperation, as well as building a “supporting network of people and companies” who will help them, is the key to success.
  3. Artists can be entrepreneurs if they focus hard enough.
  4. Artists are passionate about their work. I feel that this is one of the most important characteristics of an artist. Every artist that I’ve come across is extremely passionate about what they do, be it photography, painting, sculpting, or anything.
  5. Artists are themselves. I think that a 13th characteristic of artists should be that they are unique. Many artists have their own style. Although some may seem to “copy” other artists, they put their own “spin” on the final product, thus making it unique.


Got Grit?

I sure don’t. I really need to work on my grittiness. I could get rid of all the distractions imaginable, but my mind would still wander to something else. It’s hard for me to stay focused sometimes. I suppose I could just try my hardest to stay focused.

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