2017 Lucian Symposium and Poster Session

Dear colleagues and students,

A reminder to students that if you did research ANYWHERE this past summer and would like to present a poster on that work as part of the student poster session following this year’s Lucian Symposium (Friday, 29 September), here are the deadlines:

Students who would like to present a poster will need to submit their abstract and title by Noon, Friday, 15 September. To submit your abstract, visit https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/LS2017 and click the “Registration” tab or “Create Account” link.  Once registered, you will receive an activation link and can then access the “2017 Lucian Symposium” conference.  To enter your research information, from the home page click the “Create new submission” link.  Note: if the conference is not visible from your home page when you log in, click the “All Conferences” tab then enter “2017 Lucian Symposium” in the filter search field and click the title once it is visible.

This year, we are again using Spoonflower to print fabric posters for each student so we will need extra time to allow for the print process. Submit your poster print request in PPT or PDF format as soon as you are able but absolutely no later than 10 am on Thursday, 14 September. Submit your requests to NSCI Poster Print Request.

Each student may have one poster printed by the School of Natural Sciences each academic year.  Additional poster printing should be paid for by research grant accounts as appropriate.  Students should use the poster they print for all appropriate conference presentations during the 2017 – 2018 academic year.  The poster template can be accessed through Box:  NSCI Poster Template.

NOTE:  posters submitted after 10 am on Thursday, 14 September will not be printed by the School of Natural Sciences.  I recommend that if you need to print your poster after that date, please look for poster printing services at local area businesses (e.g., FedEx print).

We are asking students to hang their posters by 3:00 pm on Thursday, 28 September.  That afternoon, the School of Natural Sciences Advisory Board will meet.  Members of the board often enjoy reading through student posters.  They will have time to do so after their meeting concludes around 4:30 pm that afternoon.

We ask students to take their posters down by 5 pm on Friday, 29 September.

We ask students to plan to be at their posters for some portion of the time period 1.30-3.30pm on Friday, 29 September.  It is not necessary to stand at your poster for the entire period of time, but do commit to spending some portion of that period of time at your poster if at all possible.

Last year’s event was a tremendous success, and with our prestigious visitors on campus (both for the Advisory Board meeting and for the Lucian Symposium), we have a great opportunity to share what our students have been doing in the area of research and the successes you all are having in advancing the frontiers of science.

Remember, it is not essential that the research occurred at St. Edward’s— any REU or other university research program at which you did research this summer is eligible for a printing of one poster.

Finally – if you were a recipient of a Brother Romard research grant this past summer, the expectation is that you will print out and present a poster at this event.

If you have any questions, please contact NSCIdean@stedwards.edu.

Looking forward to another great student research poster session.


Bill Munday School of Business announces 3 Day Startup

The Bill Munday School of Business is excited to announce that 3 Day Startup is coming to St. Edward’s University this fall. 3 Day Startup is a program that gives students the skills to not only start a company but also land jobs in startups, drive innovation in established corporations and kick-start social impact projects. By participating in 3 Day Startup, students will connect with talented people from different backgrounds, create something together and learn what it takes to found a company.

3 Day Startup at St. Edward’s University is free for participants and open to ALL majors. 

Dates: Friday, September 22 – Sunday, September 24

Location: Ragsdale Center

Interested students should visit http://stedwards.3daystartup.org/ and complete the application by Friday, September 8, in order to participate.

Open Office Hours with Dean Morris

Dear NSCI Student Majors,
Dean Morris will hold office hours for the final time this semester at Jo’s (Meadow’s Coffeehouse) tomorrow, 03 May, 2.30-4.00pm.  The coffeehouse is located on the west end of the Ragsdale center.
You are encouraged to stop by and chat with Dr. Morris during this time, no appointment necessary.  Should you have any questions or if you need to schedule a private appointment with the Dean, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Reyna.

Open Office Hours with Dean Morris

Dear NSCI Student Majors,
Dean Morris will hold office hours at Jo’s (Meadow’s Coffeehouse) tomorrow, 05 April, 2.30-4.00pm.  The coffeehouse is located on the west end of the Ragsdale center.
You are encouraged to stop by and chat with Dr. Morris during this time, no appointment necessary.  Should you have any questions or if you need to schedule a private appointment with the Dean, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Reyna.
 Dean Morris’ next office hour session will be held Wednesday, 03 May, 2.30-4.00 PM with confirmation to follow as we near the date.

2017 Faculty Scholarship and Creative Expression Celebration

Held March 27, 2017, the Faculty Scholarship and Creative Expression event celebrates the hard work of faculty across St. Edward’s University who had books or peer-reviewed articles published in 2016.

Gary Morris presents the Natural Sciences portion of the presentation which honors a total of seven faculty members from the School of Natural Sciences who, in sum, published one book, one book chapter and nine peer-reviewed articles. Please join us in congratulating the following individuals on their success:

Dr. Jason Callahan: one book and two peer-reviewed articles published

Dr. Leila Mills: one book chapter and one peer-reviewed article published

Dr. Patricia Baynham:  one peer-reviewed article published

Dr. Raychelle Burks: one peer-reviewed article published

Dr. Eamonn Healy: two peer-reviewed articles published

Dr. Bilal Shebaro: one peer-reviewed article published

Dr. Santiago Toledo: one peer-reviewed article published

For a complete listing of the authors and their cited works, visit the Natural Sciences portion of the presentation online.

SKYWARN Training

 The National Weather Service (NWS) will offer it’s free SKYWARN training class to the St. Edward’s community on Wednesday, April 19, in Carter Auditorium from 9 to 11 a.m.  The class is designed to educate the community about severe weather topics specific to South Central Texas, severe weather preparedness and safety, and procedures for reporting severe weather to the local Austin/San Antonio National Weather Service Office.  All interested members of the St. Edward’s community are invited to attend especially those members who may routinely have personnel or events outside.  Please use the link below to register.

Registration information online

Coordinated by Billy Atkins, Director of Campus Resilience

St. Edward’s University Alumnus Honored

The (Professional and Scholarly Excellence) PROSE Awards recognize distinguished professional and scholarly books, reference works, journals and electronic content.  For the 2017 Awards, the latest book of St. Edward’s University Alumnus Michael F. L’Annunziata, Ph.D., was included among the PROSE Award 2017 winners in the category of Chemistry and Physics.  Titled “Radioactivity: Introduction and History, From Quantum to Quarks,” this marks the ninth book by Dr. L’Annunziata who earned his B.Sc. degree from St. Edward’s University in 1965.

We wish Dr. L’Annunziata all the best and very sincere congratulations on being awarded this great honor.

Learn Trail Building Skills for Your Future and Our Parks!

Wild Basin is hosting the Central Texas Trail Tamers in teaching a FREE class on building and maintaining the trail systems that public lands, like Wild Basin, offer to the public.  The CTTT will offer two “Introduction to Trail Maintenance” classes before they move on to advance trail techniques.  The three courses currently scheduled (see schedules below) use a curriculum developed by the Pacific Crest Trail Association and U.S. Forest Service Trails Specialist John Schubert.  In them you will learn “how trails work”, basic design concepts, safety protocols, and how to gain “trail eyes”.  If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity where you can gain a new skill to add to your resume and are interested in the fields of land management or public land conservation and stewardship then you will find these workshops beneficial to your career.  Please, RSVP and tell me what you like in your breakfast taco!

To attend these workshops or if you have any questions please contact Aaron Haynes at ahaynes1@stedwards.edu.

Schedule of Workshops at Wild Basin:

Workshop Date
Intro to trail maintenance 1 February 11, 8:30a.m.
Intro to trail maintenance 2 March 18, 8:30a.m.
Advanced skills in trail maintenance April 15, 8:30a.m.

 Schedule of CTTT workshops:

If these workshops aren’t enough for you and you need to fast track your trail skills while gaining some volunteer experience, then the CTTT offers other workshops that you are invited to attend. To get more information about these opportunities contact Kevin at KEVIN@kdeiters.com or go to www.trailtamers.org for a list of scheduled events by CTTT.

Become a Breakthrough Teaching Fellow this Summer – Due 2/23

And teach middle school students who will be the first in their families to graduate from college!

Breakthrough Austin seeks enthusiastic, creative and successful college students to teach and mentor during our 6-week academic summer program.  Under the guidance of seasoned teaching professionals, Teaching Fellows will provide instruction in English, math, social studies, or science to classes of eight to ten students.  Teaching Fellows will also serve on committees, lead study skills lessons, and design Explorations (electives) classes for their students.  Breakthrough Austin is an AmeriCorps program and provides financial benefits in addition to incredible professional development.

For More Information:

Breakthrough Austin Teaching Fellow



Save the Teachers

Angie Lux ’12, a former biology student and Noyce Scholar at St. Edward’s, was recently featured in an article on the SEU webpage.  In the article, see discusses how she developed a love for science and the impact that the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program directed by Prof. Steven Fletcher has had on her career as a teacher in secondary education.

Link:  https://www.stedwards.edu/articles/featured-stories/2016/04/save-teachers