The Mystery

This project was not an easy one for me. Last semester I had a bad experience using InDesign. I had to design a book for my visual studies class and the result was not like what I wanted to be. From the two experiences, the last one and this mastery project one, I have noticed that I don’t have enough experience using InDesign and I always have a difficult time choosing the colors, fonts, size of book. In the two projects I end up with bad choices.
So I thought that using illustrator might help me to come over these worries. But, I was wrong because it was so difficult to create a book with illustrator.

This is my first version of the book “ I used illustrator for this one”

For my second version, I have decided to give myself another chance and try to use InDesign this time. I chose a very simple design just to get using the app. But, unfortunately I ended up with a bad result. I didn’t like the colors of the book neither the design and the size. Also, I did not like the layout of the texts. In addition, I felt like I don’t want to meet with Tuan and have a desiccation in a thing that I’m already not satisfied with it at all. My second book looked so bad!

This is my second version of the book

We had the final critique on Thursday before the final week. So, I had four days to work and study for this class and my other classes before the finals. I had to make all the changes that I want before I meet Tuan. I opened the book’s file and I looked at the tings that I wanted to change but I felt like “ this is not going to work” my book looks so bad. So, I decided to give myself another chance and restart working on the project from the beginning. I kept the idea of connection, in my second version I chose circles and a line to present connection. But, for the third one I chose a tree.
Also, one of the things that I didn’t like in my second book that used many colors and it looked very colorful, I thought it’s would look good if I used bright colors instead of using dark blue as example. But it looked too much. So, for the third version I tried to use only three colors and I think It looks much better now. In addition, the second version had about 30 pages because the way that I layout pages and also because it was small. So I changed the size of the book and they way those pages are layout.

In conclusion, I still feel the final draft needs some more work. But, in general it looks much better than the first and the second versions.

Weather Report


I spent a great deal of time working and learning for this project. My first experience with after affect wasn’t that easy. So, this time I made sure that I spend enough time learning and practicing how to use each features in the app. For this project I focused  more about how to move icons and the colors that I should use and learn new things such as how to use “mask”.

Visual Identity: Mark

I want me design mark to reflect my experience in my Boardwalk. I chose the shoes shape because I saw many people go their to take a walk. And I used neon colors because a lot of sport clothes use these kind of colors. The small dotes present the lights’ building and stars in the sky.

Process Work/Research

It was interesting how can you have a different experience in one place. I went to Boardwalk many times in different times and each time I went there I discovered new things. Collecting information about one place by using 4 different methods was a interesting  experience because each time you use a new method you put yourself in new point of view.

Interface lesson ( portfolio app )

this is the last project for Image methodology class. After we finished all of the projects we were asked to design a portfolio app by using after effect that shows two of our projects that we did for this class. It was a new and stressful experience for me, because I had no chance before this interface lesson project to work with after effect. The time that we had to learn how to use the app and to come up with a design was too short and it was during finals. Developing final results took me very long time. I had no idea about how each feature work or how should I correct my mistakes. Furthermore, the app crashed twice while I was working on! The night before the due date was so stressful. In the end I turned in the assignment but it was not look the way that I wanted to be. The elements movements did not work as I wanted, and the design looked different than what I had in my mind.

Plotter Lesson

For this project we had to come up with a set of rules that we must follow for the 16 designs. My rules were to use same paper color and use one pen for all the plotter lessons. I like straight structure lines that look like as architecture lines. So, All my 16 plotters lesson have that sense of architecture lines.

Zine Lesson

In the beginning of the assignment we asked to write about a truism based on an important lesson that we have learned in your lives or a belief that we hold that has served us. Then, we had to design a two-color Risograph zine using the truism.
In my Zine design I wrote about an experience that I had back home when I was in high school. I chose an Islamic designed because I wanted the designed to be related to the place where I had the experience. We did not have a lot of colors options, so I tried to choose the most two similar colors to the Islamic designed. I chose black and gold. The paper that I chose also looked like an old yellow paper. The reason behind choosing this kind of paper is because most of old Arabic books used it. So I wanted my designed to look like an old Arabic books.

Style lesson

In this project we took a personality test to find our matches or partners that can go with our personalities. After that, we had to pick up two different styles and try to come up with third style, a hybrid one. My partner and I chose preppy style and Arabic women traditional style “ Abayah”. One of the styles had to shout in the studio and the other one outside. In order to take advantage of the natural light we chose to go to a place near to Mozart’s café that has an open area and beautiful view. For the third style we mixed preppy style and Abayah in a way that looks a top for the first look and as a cloak in the second look.

Object lesson (Matchbook)

Fall 2016 was my first semester for me as a graphic designer. My beginning in design was not that easy, I had to put a lot of effort to teach myself how to use designing apps, because I had littlie knowledge in how to use these apps. I had no designing class back in high school. I started my journey as a designer in university from zero. The first assignment that I was asked to do was designing a matchbook based on our observation. We were asked to watch a movie, I watched “ A Single Man”. Then, we were asked to choose one of the characters in that movies and study his/her lifestyle, how he/she dress? How his/her house looks like? And many other details that related to this character that we chose. Before the final critique we were asked to turn a first draft of our designing. I felt like I was in real trouble because I had no idea how to use Illustrator or any other apps designing. I had to come up with a solution to turn something for the mid point critique. So, I used Microsoft Word! I found a picture of a car that the character I chose has. I deleted the background of that picture by using a feature in Microsoft Word. Then, I added some affect on that image by using different filters. And I chose my palettes colors reliance on the movie colors. The final result looked miserable, I should admit that. But, later on, and after I took couples more classes in Graphic Design1 and watched some YouTube tutorials I was finally able to use illustrator in my design. The finals result was so different; it looked more professional comparing to the first draft. I used illustrator in all my design.

First draft:

Final draft:

Cognitive Map

I made this map for my two little cousins, Layan and Reem. They both like eating ice-cream, and each time they ask to go and get an ice-cream it takes me longtime to search or to find a new place to go.  However, this map saves my time and helps to find a place very quickly. I used different colors and icons so both Layan and Reem can use the map so they can help me to make a decision. I printed out several copies as well and I gave them to my friends who have verities prefers. Some of them, have allergy from dairy products and othesr like to eat only organic food.