The Mystery

This project was not an easy one for me. Last semester I had a bad experience using InDesign. I had to design a book for my visual studies class and the result was not like what I wanted to be. From the two experiences, the last one and this mastery project one, I have noticed that I don’t have enough experience using InDesign and I always have a difficult time choosing the colors, fonts, size of book. In the two projects I end up with bad choices.
So I thought that using illustrator might help me to come over these worries. But, I was wrong because it was so difficult to create a book with illustrator.

This is my first version of the book “ I used illustrator for this one”

For my second version, I have decided to give myself another chance and try to use InDesign this time. I chose a very simple design just to get using the app. But, unfortunately I ended up with a bad result. I didn’t like the colors of the book neither the design and the size. Also, I did not like the layout of the texts. In addition, I felt like I don’t want to meet with Tuan and have a desiccation in a thing that I’m already not satisfied with it at all. My second book looked so bad!

This is my second version of the book

We had the final critique on Thursday before the final week. So, I had four days to work and study for this class and my other classes before the finals. I had to make all the changes that I want before I meet Tuan. I opened the book’s file and I looked at the tings that I wanted to change but I felt like “ this is not going to work” my book looks so bad. So, I decided to give myself another chance and restart working on the project from the beginning. I kept the idea of connection, in my second version I chose circles and a line to present connection. But, for the third one I chose a tree.
Also, one of the things that I didn’t like in my second book that used many colors and it looked very colorful, I thought it’s would look good if I used bright colors instead of using dark blue as example. But it looked too much. So, for the third version I tried to use only three colors and I think It looks much better now. In addition, the second version had about 30 pages because the way that I layout pages and also because it was small. So I changed the size of the book and they way those pages are layout.

In conclusion, I still feel the final draft needs some more work. But, in general it looks much better than the first and the second versions.

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