Sophomore Portfolio Review

I have learned many things about design in my first semester in Graphic Design.

1) I learned that in order to have a better design you need to study your subject.

In object lesson matchbook project we had to go through many steps before we came up with the final result. First, we studied the character that we wanted to design the matchbook for it, by looking at her/his style, the time that the movie takes place and the colors that use in the movie.
all these steps helped me to make my decision about the style and colors of my matchbook design.So, I chose my colors and style based on the the character’s home colors and the graphic style during 60’s.

First Draft:

Final draft:

Object lesson (Matchbook)

2) Focusing on the main point.

One of the issues that I always struggling with is narrowing my ideas. In this project I learned how to narrow my ideas by writing and re-phrase them many times. Then, from that point I start to design my thing, by focusing on the main point and see what goes with it, instead of working on a large idea with several chooses.

3) choosing colors is an important things in your design.

In this project I have learned that I should always by attention to my colors, where and when I should use dark and light colors. For this map and the other maps that I made for this class I have changed the colors of my map several times in order to emphasize the important information of the map.
Also, my cognitive map is about ice cream shops map, so I chose different colors to make it colorful likes ice creams.