Friends That Fly

And now for unconventional post!

We’ve talked a lot about the most popular types of furry friends you can adopt: dogs and cats. But today we’re going to talk about birds. Birds are more of an unusual pet for people to own (more people own fish!) and for lot of good reasons since they’re especially high maintenance. But birds are also really cool pets to have around the house if you’re willing to put in the work and have an adaptable lifestyle.

Just last week my roommate brought his friend’s bird to our house to “bird-sit” and it was one of th most fun weeks we’ve ever had. So after my experience, and doing more research on birds, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of owning one of these flying pets. 

1. Birds are Extremely Sensitive… to Everything

If you’re a smoker you’re going to have to give that up if you want a bird. If you have candles, air fresheners, cookware that is teflon or non-stick, or bad air quality in the house, you probably should not own a bird. Bird lungs work incredibly differently than us and are more sensitive to the air around them. If any of these things do not immediately kill a bird through the air it’s breathing, it will most likely poison them. That’s a lot for some people to handle already, but if your lifestyle is already similar to this then you might be on track to owning a bird.

2. Birds Can Be Extremely Social

Now this comes with a disclaimer: you may adopt a bird that is introverted. But that goes for any animal you adopt! If your a great owner and friend to the bird, they will most likely be your best friend in return. It helps if you let your bird out of the cage as much as possible and let it fly around. You could live in an apartment and let them fly around, but the bigger your living space and the more natural light that comes in, the better. If birds are given a healthy home, they’ll be infinitely happier and more social.

3. You Will Have to Clean and There Will Be Noise

Again, any other animal you adopt will lead to this (well maybe not so much cats and noise). But bird cages will be dirty and whenever you put them in their cage, their will be noise. If you have a socially healthy bird that you take good care of, they should only be making noise in the mornings when they wake up like a rooster. And if you let your bird fly around the house, be prepared to find small poop from time to time in places you didn’t expect. Instead of fur from cats and dogs, you’ll be finding feathers from time to time around the house. Overall though in our experience, we found the cleanup situation to be minimal depending on what we fed the bird.

4. Bird are Cheaper

Birds live a long time and normally do not have as many health problems as other household pets. Also bird food tends to be cheaper and they do not eat as much as other pets. Again, it all comes down to how you treat and live with your bird that effects what you’ll be paying in the long run.

5. Birds Fly

I know you know that. We all know birds fly. And this might sound crazy, but every time the bird we had flew around the house I was always amazed. My whole life I was used to seeing four legged creatures running around the house, but to see a creature soaring throughout the house and playing with us was too much fun. You could walk around the house, put a chip on your shoulder and suddenly this friendly bird would show up and land and you. He would eat the chip, rub his head against my ear as a “thank you” and then fly away. It was extremely fun and I can imagine that if you have children they would equally enjoy the experience of having a bird as well.


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