The Puppy Manual

Now that you’ve gotten your new buddy, there are many things you need to know about the proper care they need! Luckily you can find it all here:

The Puppy Manual by Jennifer Warner has some interesting points to take in mind for the safety of your puppy. You can actually download the puppy manual for FREE! (Thanks Jen, for letting us spread your love for puppies).

Up next we will summarize 3 important first steps.Image result for paws

  • Prepare for your puppy’s arrival: Be sure to puppy proof possible dangerous places at your home like electrical cords lying on the ground (puppies chew on anything). It is also important to establish some house rules, like not getting on the furniture and them asking you for food all the time (if that’s what you want, that’s OK just don’t let him do everything he wants at the beginning and then not anymore).2) how to crate train your puppy:Crate training your new puppy can be a wonderful way to help him become housebroken while keeping him (and your household belongings) safe when you can not supervise him. Before we jump in, a word of advice: please…never use a crate to punish. Going in the crate and spending time in the crate should always be a happy, positive experience for your puppy (and, hopefully, for you as well)! Just focus on selecting the proper crate and they will love it.


  •  3)House training your puppy: Before four months old your puppy doesn’t have the ability to “hold it” so until then just be patient. After that a good way to start would be following the next steps:
  • Always take your puppy out FIRST THING in the morning, before you do anything.
  •  Always take your puppy out FIRST THING after eating a meal, and after she wakes up from naps.
  • Set up a regular schedule of sleeping, eating, and going outside.
  •  Set up a “puppy room” or playpen as an area where the puppy can be safe when unsupervised (until she is housebroken).We hope you liked our tips on this subject and stay tuned for more!!

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