Discover Love and Adopt A Valentine

Discover love and adopt a valentine this weekend; free pet adoptions city wide. February 10th-12th come check out Austin Animal Center, Austin Pets Alive!, and Austin Humane Society to find your valentine this year. Isn’t spreading love what February is all about? Theres no better way than to save a life.
As part of the Petco Foundation “Discover Love” national adoption event; Austin Humane Society, Austin Pets Alive! and Austin Animal Center are waiving fees on all adoptable pets. Cats, dogs, kittens, puppies and rabbits will be available for adoption at these three locations.

The goal is 600 total adoptions; we will be tracking the numbers throughout the weekend and sharing them on social media. Be sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter page to for real time updates.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means you might be feelin’ some type of way. Don’t worry you are not alone! Yahoo News reports that one in five people would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pet to their partner. So ditch the dating and adopt a furry friend who’s love is unconditional. Don’t limit yourself to two legs #Relationship Goals this year is all about lets in sets of 4.

So instead of a dozen roses here are the top 4 Reasons a pet is a better valentine

1. Pets are cheap dates – no fancy dinners or expensive jewelry required.

Last year it is estimated that Americans spent over 19 billion dollars on valentines. Don’t waste your money on chocolate filled hearts full of empty calories, flowers that will die in a week or fancy dinners at over crowded restaurants.

2. Pets love binge watching on Netflix as much as you do.

They will lay in bed with you all day if they can. Pets will snuggle whenever you want, and unlike humans the drooling and snoring are pretty cute.

3. Pets won’t play hard to get or break-up with you on Twitter.

They don’t look at their smartphone when you are trying to have a conversation. After the rough break up tweet they won’t mock you for eating ice cream out of the carton. In fact they will happily join you in eating your feelings. Your pet’s lasting love will make you never fear being “ghosted” again.

4. Pets love it when you leave your clothes on the floor (instant nap spot!).

The messier the better! Pets couldn’t care less about your hair or what you wear. No need for a shower or wash your hair, break out the sweat pants and take off the make-up there’s no judgments here!

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