Visual Studies Seminar Blog Post #5

  1. Hearing about the senior photographer’s experiences in college was really exciting for me because I found myself relating to many of the things she spoke about. I am also a bigger fan of film photography so I was glad to hear that she is more into film too. I want to travel and study abroad too so it was great to hear about her study abroad experience and that she was able to stay for a longer period of time to travel the surrounding places and take photographs. Although I’m not as interested in graphic design, art, or game studies it was actually very interesting to hear more about each of those majors in more detail about what they are and what they do in each. When the artist was speaking I thought it was cool how she told us that even though she isn’t really a graphic designer she was still able to help the Mexican American Community Center with their graphic design needs. I also really enjoyed seeing her specific and unique style. When the graphic design major was speaking I was extremely intrigued because I’ve always loved fonts and typography since I took yearbook all throughout high school just like she did. Hearing about how she was able to create her own font was so cool to me because I’ve always wanted to do that, but it seems so difficult. Lastly, a game studies major spoke. I honestly had no idea that was even a major until we started this seminar, so hearing more about it was pretty cool. I didn’t realize that there were so many aspects to this major and that so much work went into making a game. I wasn’t aware that each student has to create every single part of the games they are making. She told us that she spent so many hours working on her final projects; she said she never took her eyes off her computer for hours at a time. I actually didn’t even think about how you have to be an artist as well as how you have to be able to program a game in this major. You have to be able to draw and create the imagery in your games as well as all of the technical things which really shows skill.
  2. I chose this website because it is one of my favorite blogs, but I also love the design and the graphic elements used in this website. I love everything from the colors, to the graphics, to the actual content of the blog posts.
  3. I really like this website because of how when you first go to it it opens up with short video clips. Then from there you can click on the different projects she has done. Thinking about making a website for myself in the future I would really like to do something like this.
  4. This is my cousins website where she posts all of her photography. Although this website is quite simple, I really like it because its easy to navigate and understand. It is also visually pleasing because of the cleanliness and minimalistic characteristics.
  5. This last website is again, pretty minimalistic and very clean looking. It’s a little harder to navigate, but the visual and graphic elements are really cool.

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