Blog Post #5

Part 1: Your written response to seeing upper classmen work. Based on your in class notes, please comment on each of the student presenters and their work.

  1. Michelle’s art was something I really enjoyed looking at. This is because her type of art is something I see most of the time. It is cartoonish and animated like. These types of things are what get me attracted to art. Her work that I really liked the most was the story of the gay man. To me it had so much aesthetic, that is what catches the viewers attention.
  2. Hanna’s work was interesting. Her major in Graphic Design was something I was considering in doing before I chose Interactive Game Studies. So seeing what they do was really interesting.
  3. Alexis work was by far the best one I liked, because it was I will be doing in the future for my major. I was really happy to see somethings Interactive Game Studies major will work on. Her art was something I really enjoyed. I liked how a lot of it was mostly dragons, because I am a big fan of dragons as well. Especially Charizard from Pokemon. When it came to her Game Design, I got a sense of how difficult it will be making games. Even herself she wasn’t successful, it took a lot of work and dedication.
  4. When seeing Clara’s work it kind of calmed me down. I really enjoyed seeing her nature pictures, because each one tells a different story. Each picture represents a different place she has been and the scenery was something she would like to have more than a memory. My favorite pictures were the ones of Bosnia’s.

Part 2: Each of you will develop your own website in the future, that will act as a showcase for your portfolio. With this in mind, find at least four websites that you find compelling. Insert a link for each site, and add a short summary for each link explaining why you chose them.

  1. One website I really like is Patagonias, the websites aesthetics are really amazing. It is also organized really well, so you know where to click to find put about something. That is how I would like my website to be, really interesting so you will like to look into it more and simple so the user doesn’t get mad when navigating through the website.
  2. Another website I really like is YouTubes website, everything is given to you in the main page. It is extremely easy to follow. Having pictures help you get to where you are. Everything is also easily accessed no matter where you are in the website. For example, if you want to go back to the main menu, you just click the youtube logo in the top left. I am definitely going to make my website similar to Youtube.
  3. Another Website I like is KissAnime. For me this is the source to all the anime I watch, so I use it constantly. For me personally I have some problems when it comes to navigating through the website. It does the job, because the tabs are the top of the page. But the design of the website is amazing.
  4. Last but not least, the last website I really like is Apple’s  the reason is, because throughout the whole time you scroll down the top bar follows you around. Making it easy if you want to go into  a different product. I would like my website to have a similar feature, so my viewers don’t have to scroll all the way up when they want to go into a different tab.

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