Blog Post 1

Part 1:

  1. What are the main points of each article?
    1. Both articles touch on the point that artists and entrepreneurs are not as different as they seem. Now in the first article it goes into depth in the characteristics of an artist. In the second one it goes and talks about how artists and entrepreneurs are similar.
  2. What can artists learn from their “entrepreneurial cousins”?
    1. Something artists can learn from their entrepreneurial cousins is to learn how to balance their work with their daily lives. Being an artist is not just thinking about painting, drawing, etc., focusing solely on work will corrupt the outcome of the work. Ideas on what to draw are mainly influenced by the experience one has lived. Something else artists can learn from their  entrepreneurial cousins is to make connections with other people to help spread their work. By doing this it will increase the chances of them being more successful.
  3. Do you agree that artists are entrepreneurs? why?
    1. I would say yes, because both require a lot of dedication to their passion. They both also bring creativity and new ideas to the world. By them doing their work, it could inspire others to follow their footsteps. Both artists and entrepreneurs also take pride into their work. An artists takes his or her time to complete a work, it could be sudden or it could take months to finish. An entrepreneur takes pride into their work by taking it one step at a time and making sure each step is done correctly .
  4. Which of the 12 characteristics of artists do you agree with?
    1. I would say that I agree with the characteristic Artist are like children. Everyone was an artist as a child, because we were all full with imagination and creativity. The only way we could take out all this creativity was if we drew somewhere. Some of us even drew on our house walls because we couldn’t find a place to draw. It didn’t matter what we drew either,  because wither way we thought of it as a masterpiece.
  5. What others would you add to the list?
    1. I would say that Artists are original. There is never two works that are identical, each one tells a different story. It could be the story of the artist or a story that they put into a single frame. Being original is what makes an artist great, because it shows that he/she would like to show their own personal work to the world. By being original it also makes the work unique.

Part 2:

  1. Do you have grit, or is this something you need to work on?
    1. My results showed me that I had a grit score of 4.63 out of 5. I agree with this because I like to do things not only to get it done, but to do it as best as I can. When I have me eyes on a goal, I am deemed to achieve, not caring if it takes me years to accomplish. My goal right now is to earn a bachelors in Interactive Game Studies. I know this is not going to be easy, but I am ready to take on the challenges along the way.
  2. List a couple of things you could do to increase your level of grit.
    1. Set more long term goals
    2. Never get distracted by outside things
    3. Practice makes perfect
    4. Follow what interests you
    5. Have hope in the outcome

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