6 Break down the percentages of what entities are responsible for creating growth within the creative you. Am I part of it? Part of it is on you, right? Do you consider your classmates/friends as influencers on the course of your trajectory for success? At the end of the semester you will be evaluating me, but right now within your own pie piece, how much have you brought to the game? How did it end up that you brought that much?

I believe I grow in creativity with the help of different factors: 50% is personal inspiration I get from being outdoors, from living my daily life, from socializing, traveling, and exercising. 30% is everything I learn in school; the projects I am assigned, the classes I take, the instructors I meet and what each of them teaches me, the activities organized by my school, etc. The rest of my creativity growth I believe comes from the research I do on several subjects, and the amount of time I spend working on projects. I believe I grow in creativity while working on my projects since I almost always see changes from the beginning of a project till the final result. However, that creative process is affected by all the other things inside the rest of the percentages.

As for bringing my creativity to class, I believe I have done so by asking questions that everyone can relate to. I ask for help and I also help my classmates, and by doing this, both my classmate and I learn something new. I try to do things that are not the default, and by doing so I believe I inspire my classmates to get new ideas for their projects as well. I try my best in every project, creating a certain healthy competition between classmates so that we push one another to give our best.

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