2 Has your definition of “sophisticated” work changed from last semester? If so, how so? What is sophisticated in your weather report?

My definition of “sophisticated” work has not changed from last semester. However, it was hard to make sophisticated work for this project. For me, making sophisticated work is accomplished by using your time and making and effort to create beautiful, cohesive designs. I have realized that sophisticated work not only involves using time and effort, but also using a lot of creativity. To make sophisticated work for this After Effects project I had to be very creative; I had to pay attention to color, type, icons, symbols, and on top of all of that, I had to make sure my composition made sense and looked smooth. It was hard to so sophisticated work because this was my first time using After Effects and I had to learn the very basics first, rather than going in and using more sophisticated techniques. I still believe I managed to do some sophisticated work by applying techniques I learned and by creating a good composition.

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