Rudder, January

As I started to walk around the Bull Creek District Park, I noticed how clear the water was and I could see what was at the bottom. It was a nice morning with just a breeze and sun shining down. It was peaceful and calm while I sat on a rock and put my feet in the freezing water. I could hear the crackles of the leaves from the animals running around. The rocks were cold and wet. I looked around and saw that some of the trees had lost their leaves. Then there are some trees that had not and still provided shade. I had to walk across the creek to get to the other side I wanted to get to because I did not feel like walking around but I could feel the algae on the bottom of my feet and in between my toes. It tickled but I liked the feeling. While my feet was in the super cold water, it reminded me of when I had hurt my ankle and had to put my foot in the whirlpool, which is always freezing cold. There were many trees, some gray and some green.  The creek had rocks at the bottom and branches from trees stuck at the bottom. The streaming water dropping off from the rocks was soothing to me. The noise of the water just drowned out everything around me. It was powerful. The color of the water had a brown tint but where the water drops off from the rocks had a turquoise look to it.


Bull Creek Park


More of Bull Creek

We seek contacts with nature because we derive pleasure from them. -A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold

I believe this is true because to me when I want to get away from everything it is the nature that can bring me back and give me peace within myself.

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