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Sergio Escalante


The current time and date it January 31 2014 and time is 2:00. For my nature watch, I decided to sit down by the tree next to the main building. Currently right now it is very sunny, with a little wind about 12 mph. the current temperature is 75 degrees. The weather is a lot better then it has been these recent days. 48 percent humidity, currently I see no animals but I do hear squirrels running around behind me. At 2:07there are no clouds currently, it is very sunny and the branches are swaying in the wind. Time is 2:23 and I am currently seeing a cat make its way behind the tree and, I’m guessing it is one of the cats that live on campus next to the art building. The cat has made his way past me and moved on. I’m noticing how green the grass is and the amount of leafs on the tree, I would figure that they would have fallen off but I do not know much about this tree. I should talk about why I decided this spot to observe is because I usually do some reading here but never actually look around and do some observing. At 2:34 I am seeing a bird fly across, I couldn’t tell what type, if it was a crow or pigeon. Not a lot of wildlife because I’m on campus. I think next time I’m going to go to Nature Park, wouldn’t mind seeing wildlife. At 2:40, As I sit here I feel the wind picking up just a little and I did hear we are supposed to get some rain, which is why the wind might be picking up. I see a few clouds in the distant. At 2:50 nothing much has changed still sunny and feels great!

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