Mitchell January




20140127_143349January 27, 2014
Blunn Creek
2:48 p.m.
49 degrees
12mph winds (North)

I decided I would monitor Blunn creek for the almanac assignment because I wanted to choose a location that was easily accessible on foot. I traveled about a mile or so to the volcanic overlook then scaled back down the hill to begin my observation. There is very little movement other than the swaying of the trees in the wind. I am predominately surrounded by ligustrum. I was hoping to see more animals than I did. I first saw a large field mouse in the brush. The only other animals from that point on were a few varieties of birds. There was a large flock of sparrows picking up seeds from the ground. They quickly retreated when a male blue jay flew near them. The cold and windy weather may have been the reason for the lack of animals being present. I sat for over an hour and heard only the caw of a mockingbird. As I listened closer, I began to hear echoing from other birds. It was very interesting to hear them communicating. Their squawks sounded like they were coming from all directions. It was very peaceful.

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