DSC_0542I am someone who is fascinated by urban parks. They are the crossroads between the creations of nature and the creations of man. Parks like this, are places where nature is at play with people which is what Aldo Leopold suggests on page 207 of his book A Sand County Almanac in which he states “ Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.”

Auditorium shores excites me. It is the park that sits on the Colorado River in Downtown Austin and it is filled with evidence of native and invasive species alike. I went out with the intention of observing the crisp water that flows parallel to the park. I went there which was very lively despite the construction that took up a lot of space. The temperature was hovering around seventy during my late afternoon trip. I took a solid hour looking at the river and analyzing how the water caressed the banks lined with algae. The river also gives off a sound which is soothing. The water gently patted on the shore in repetition. It was calming to listen to over the hour along with dogs barking and deep breathing joggers behind me. It’s peaceful to say the least.

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