Crucet – January

Throughout my first year as a St. Edwards students I have enjoyed spending time studying and relaxing at Blunn Creek.

IMG_6967Today, January 16th at 3:00 is a beautiful day in Austin. Throughout the coldness a beautiful day has finally arisen. It is 70 degrees sunny and clear with a slight breeze. There are a few small birds chirping in the trees above. The water is much colder than usual due to the coldest January in twenty years.









Today January 31 is the most beautiful day all month. Not a cloud in the sky and it is 76 degrees out. I see two squirrels playing tag across the creak. “The creekside trees have shed their leaves, exposing here and there an eyeful of holly(Pg.55).”

IMG_6962A moth has that has been surveying the lands


for two minutes has finally landed for me to take a picture of, although no clear it can be seen blending in as a leave on the branch.









While walking along the bank the thick layer of algea that for six months I never once noticed caught my attention.






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