Castillo- January

Today’s January the 12th, its 6:55am and I’m at the Riverplace Nature center, I’ve been here before to go hiking and get away from Austin’s fast paced rhythm. The Riverplace trail is 3.5 miles long and today I only went in about a mile because I don’t plan on staying much longer than sunrise, it’s 45 degrees and I wish i’d brought my gloves because it’s pretty cold. The sun came up around 7:30am, and prior to that obviously it was relatively dark aside from this giant flashlight I brought and survival snacks(cereal bars). I passed what sounded like a small stream, but never got to see it, by that point I’d only seen one rabbit sprint by.



Today is January 19th, and I’m back at Riverplace, following the same trail as before. I got here around 7am with the intention of going half way through the trail, it’s not as cold as last time it’s 50 degrees and there are happy birds tweeting everywhere. I haven’t seen any animals this time, but it’s peaceful other than my ridiculous panting from these steep stairs. 2 9


It’s January 30th, 5:20pm today I brought my friend Jesse with me to River place to check out the trail as well, the weather is perfect given two sweater and cozy pants! I attempted to track my trail, but the gps killed my phone battery to fast.. luckily I have a phone charger case, however I wouldn’t want to kill that battery to.. So I screen shot the trail off an app that I use to find nearby hiking locations. I didn’t spend as much time to myself since I brought Jesse along, but the scenery is just as before calm and serene, distant from car horns and noise pollution that.11 12

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