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Elvio Gustavo

Env Science

Dr. Michael

January 23, 2013


Everything has beauty. It is something I realized after watching at everything around me from a different perspective. I looked at the territory of the campus of the St. Edward as well as analyzed the nature before my eyes, and I was able to spot many things I did not see before. Firstly, I looked at the territory near campus. I saw people leaving in order to get home. They had bags filled with books probably. They were on their way to the parking lot, or maybe they were just hurrying toward their bicycles to go home. The sun was shining brightly despite the weather was not very warm, but people seemed unaware of it since they were in such a hurry to get home. Hence, I saw people minding their own business and paying little attention to the bright sun, greyish grass, and the campus they have seen hundreds times before.

On another picture, I saw a herbary or a small garden with plants planted in squares. They were protected with net that stood on the way between people and the plants. There was also dried grass behind the garden. The overall picture seemed like a play on contrasts because the plants in the garden seemed so alive while the grass behind them was dead.

On the video, I watched the territory nearby. People there were simply enjoying their day. They were chatting and talking to each other. Some were running, and others were playing. The grass on the ground was rather gray than green, and the weather was rather pleasant. I watched people having a good day unaware of anything else happening in the world. They did not pay attention to the grass or the sun, but they simply focused on themselves and people near them in order to relax and spend some time without too much thinking.IMG_3014 IMG_3014 IMG_3011

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