• “Like all real treasures of the mind, perception can be split into infinitely small fractions without losing its quality. The weeds in a city lot convey the same lesson as the redwoods; the farmer may see in his cow-pasture what may not be vouchsafed to the scientist adventuring in the South Seas. Perception, in short, cannot be purchased with either learned degrees or dollars; it grows at home as well as aboard, and he who has a little may use it to as good advantage as he who has much.”
  • Date: 12/12/13
  • Place: Balcony of St.Edward apartment 1425 (520 Woodward Street, Austin, TX, 78704)
  • Time Start: 3:00
  • Time End: 6:00
  • Temperature: 53 degrees Fahrenheit¬†
  • Weather: cloudy, 10% precipitation, 44% humidity¬†

Today, like every other day for the past two weeks, it is cold outside. I had wanted to return to my original spot where i began my blog at Blunn Creek nature preserve, but it was much to cold outside to be observing nature for a few hours so i decided to sit on my balcony in the St. Edwards apartment and observe nature there with a few blankets to keep me warm.I find that this spot is a good place to observe nature because overlooking my balcony there is forest bursting with trees but there is a chain link fence sepreating the forest from the man made buildings and parking lots. it is interesting to think about, how a flimsy mental fence can separate man and nature into different parts. And yet nature still try’s to overcome the barrier. you can see it in the way the tall trees streches its branches past the fence, how the weeds and tall grasses grow through the fence holes, and how sometimes at night the raccoons will sneakily climb over the fence to rummage through the trash for food. but there is also a battle by humans to push nature back. this can be seen in the way the grass is meticulously cut short and concrete is spread right up to the fence. right now the trees on the other side of the fence are showing the signs of the changing season; some trees are bare, others are still clinging on to it’s browning leaves, and others are surprisingly still a vibrant green color. There was no sign of life other then the occasional car driving by, there is no sign of movement by animals, not even a chirp from a bird or a scurrying squirrel, everything is quite peacefully quiet except for the distant sounds of the highway. The cold is just to cold.
This is my last blog entry for this project and I have to say I quite liked this project. It was quite soothing to take a few hours of my time from school and life just to sit down and observe whats happening around me, no papers needed to be written or tests to study for, just me looking at nature. with the internet always available at a touch of a button on my laptop and cellphone, I am always looking at a screen reading but its good to actually look around at what’s happening around me and to let my eyes take a break.
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