Syria Simulation: Mock Trial of Assad Regime

Wednesday in class we will conduct a mock trial of the Syrian regime on charges of crimes against humanity. Our goal is to understand some of the constrictions on social justice embedded in international human rights law. To prepare, you should familiarize yourself with some materials on the Geneva Conventions, which will constitute the letter of the law we’ll use in this trial.

Your goals for preparation:

  • Prosecution: You’ll need to identify evidence published in reliable news sources that proves the Assad regime is guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity in Syria. You’ll need to list specific clauses of the Geneva Conventions and other international human rights laws that the regime is guilty of violating.
  • Regime’s Legal Defense: You’ll need to cast doubt on the credibility of the evidence or its sources or find a rationale within the international law that allows for the regime’s actions.
  • TribunalYou’ll need to judge between the prosecution and defense and determine which, if any, of the charges are justified by the evidence.

ICRC: “Rules of War”

PBS Documentary on the Nuremberg Trials

RT “ICC Enemy of Liberty”

RT “ICC Enemy of Liberty”

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